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An Amazing Opportunity

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Let's Jump on this!

We have an amazing opportunity. I am a jazz musician from Wellington, drummer, composer, arranger and band leader. Last year I recorded an album with two times Grammy nominated New York pianist Taylor Eigsti and NZ/NYC bass player, Matt Penman. At short notice, Taylor is coming down under with one of his bands. He has agreed to stay and tour with me to launch the new album. It's an amazing opportunity, a dream come true, which I hope you will be inspired to make a reality.

The album is called 'Cthulhu Rising' and is inspired by combining my love of horror literature and modern jazz. I have used some classic H.P.Lovecraft short stories and set them to music, taking inspiration from their dark themes. This may be a first for modern jazz - and the music is very different from anything else I have ever done.

'Cthulhu Rising' is my third album, which follows the success of 'Resonator' (Jazz Album of the Year 2011) & Mantis: The music of Drew Menzies (runner up Jazz Album of the Year 2013).

'Cthulhu Rising' was recorded in December 2013 when my wife and I were expecting our first child. Billie arrived last July so we put the project has been on hold while we tried to figure out how to keep another human being alive! In a short time I have booked a tour and now need to mix and manufacture the album. Creative New Zealand have been very helpful in donating to some of the tour costs, so right now I have everything I need except a finished album and I hope that might like to help me finish it!

We need $5000 to help pay for: production & manufacturing costs including art work, CD & poster design, marketing and promotion costs for the tour. With your help I know we can do this. Thanks for your support and thanks in advance for donating. I really look forward to sharing this music with you.



  • We did it!!


    Well, after a flurry of activity, nail biting and shameless self-promotion, we made it - and we made it with heaps of time to spare! Thank you so much everyone, these donations mean that now all the production & manufacturing costs including art work, CD & poster design, marketing and promotion costs for the tour are all covered! What it really means to me is that my vision for creating new and exciting music that brings a community together will be achieved, new audiences will be developed and original New Zealand Jazz music will be promoted - these are huge wins and I can't thank you all enough!

    We still have 6 days to go. What does that mean? Potentially any further money raised from this point can go towards the tour, more advertising and covering all of the little costs I haven't allowed for that are adding up (postage, printing, excess baggage, etc).

    Thank you so much for your support, donations, sharing the project and being a fantastic network of good buggers! See you at the shows! Reuben

  • Fishing Charter


    If you received an email from me offereing an incentive of a fishing charter, oops, please ignore! It seems that that incentive is slightly against the terms of using Boosted so please accept my apologies. Instead, feel free to donate handsomly and receive a healthy 33% tax credit and keep your eyes open for a fishy thankyou from me :)

  • 81% raised, 9 days to go - we're fast approaching the finish line!!


    Everyone has been asking about this music and the guys I recorded with, check out the footage of us in the studio recording in New York...these guys are gooooooood! See why I need the money?! :)

    Huge donations have been coming in and I am eternally grateful, thank you. If you have been saving your pennies until now - this is the time to use them, please just hit the big red donate button below. (If I don't reach the target I don't get ANY of the money raised - it all goes back to whoever donated.) We didn't quite hit 85% this week, never the less if we hit our actual target then I will still dress up like a gorilla and play 'In the air tonight' on the drums - for my own sick pleasure if not yours!

  • $3230 of $5000 raised, 16 days to go; the pressure is on!


    Fantastic goings on this week, the album is off to the printers and review copies are being sent out - this is getting very real folks! I thought a special shout out to all the uber talented designers and artists that have worked on the album would be groovy, check out this video to see their skills. (A sneak listen to one of the album tracks accompanies the video also!)

    At this point I would like to say once again, thank you to those who have donated. To those that are thinking about it, just so you know, if I don't reach the target I don't get ANY of the money raised - it all goes back to whoever donated. Yikes indeed, but I know we can do it!

    To encourage more donations I will do something never before attempted, I will setup every single drum I have (last count, 24) into a humungous monster kit, dress up like a gorilla and re-create the hit 'In the air tonight'. On video. Just for your viewing pleasure.

    I do this for you, the people, but the deal is we must hit 85% $4250 by Tuesday 12 May!

  • 57%!!!


    Well, what can I say but thank you! We are well over half way to our goal people with over three weeks to go - WE'VE GOT THIS!! It has been a fantastic response so far, lets keep it firing until we reach the finish line.

    This week I flew up to Auckland to mix the album with Steve Garden (Rattle Records), an experience that is always a pleasure! Check out this video to see how that went :)

  • 1 week in, over a 1/4 of the funds raised!


    Thank you to everyone that has donated so far, you guys are fantastic and I know we'll hit our target. So far we are over a 1/4 of the way there and only 1 week in, that is fantastic progress people! Please keep those donations coming and please keep sharing the project.

    I hope you enjoy some of the 'being the scenes' videos I am uploading, the one above is about the composition of the songs using rhythm language.

    Thank you and stay tuned for more! Reuben.

  • Day 2, 20% ALREADY!!


    Well after only two days we are already one fifth of the way there! Thank you so much for your fantastic support everyone, I am feeling super excited!! I have started on some great video footage that will be uploaded next week just for you, please keep sharing this project on Facebook/emails to your networks in the mean time! Thank you, Reuben.