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Alvar Aalto Symposium: Finland 2015

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I've been selected by the Alvar Aalto Academy in Finland to present at this year's International Symposium in February.

Each Symposium has a distinct theme with this year's entitled 'Aalto Beyond Finland'. The idea is to research the influence of Finnish architect Alvar Aalto beyond his own country.

My presentation shows that Hamilton architectural practice Smith Clarke Grant and Associates 1965-1969 were heavily influenced by Aalto's work. I've prepared a report which has been selected for publication by the Academy, and I have the opportunity to speak at the Symposium as well. There are also two excursions available to people attending the conference, one visits Aalto's work in Helsinki, the second is a guided tour of his library in Vyborg, Russia.

This opportunity is great for my research of Hamilton architecture, but also to showcase modern New Zealand architecture to an international audience of researchers. Two of the original partners of the firm I've written about are still practicing architecture today (both are in their mid-eighties). They're delighted to see their work published internationally!

Rod Smith's work featured in an article I wrote for Architecture New Zealand magazine (issue 01/2010)

I'm working really hard to get to Finland, I just need a boost, please help! The airfare and accommodation costs are significant, but with your help I can make it!




  • Two weeks to go!


    Hi everyone,


    Thanks heaps for your support so far! I thought I'd attach a poster of the event for you





    Two weeks to go!