ALLERGIC TO LOVE: curse of the 80s

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An epic drama comedy of a man, who breaks into 80s rock ballads at the thought of love- the curse of the 80s.


A brand new rock opera of entirely original songs, performed by a live band of world class musicians, Allergic to Love is designed to attract new audiences and invigorate existing theatre-goers. It will feel like an All Blacks final; Edge of your seat stuff. The prewritten story is the game of rugby itself. How the actors and musicians play on the night accompanied by flashy lighting, multiple characters, projection and catchy loud rock songs played by a full rock band constantly involving the crowd is designed to engage and enlist a new audience - it's still "theatre", but it's in a bar, with every audience member having their own experience. We will turn it up to 12!


I wanted to create a piece of theatre that I would enjoy going to see myself - that I know those not used to theatre (scared of it even) would go and see. And that people who go to theatre all the time for whatever reason would stay awake the entire time for.



Your donation will make it possible for me to present ALLERGIC TO LOVE: Curse of The 80s in Wellington for the NZ Fringe Festival and then to assist with taking the show around NZ!

To put on a show costs a lot of money. That being said, the wheels are set into motion, rehearsals have started, the band is pumping; now all we require is much needed funds: props, sound gear, costumes, travel, accommodation, lighting, marketing and to make this into the beast it has the potential to be! 



The last 3 years have seen me very busy since graduating from Toi Whakaari NZ drama school (2013), being involved up and down the country in numerous theatre shows and band gigs. Most recently touring all of NZ with 'GREASE'. Finally, time became free for me to persue the dream of doing my own theatre.
This show gives me the opportunity to transition from being just an actor/musician to a writer/ producer as well,taking ownership of my own work and putting it infront of people to enjoy and be entertained! The professional development within this project is huge and will project me forward into future work. 

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