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Enjoy's website is bursting at the seams with fifteen years of artists, publications and events. We've worked with many brilliant artists over the years, and our website's exhibition archive is a veritable rollcall of contemporary New Zealand artists. Giving early opportunities and support is one of the things Enjoy does best, and our site is a key way we share the work of our artists and writers. 

All this currently sits on some borrowed server space, as it has done for many years. You may also have noticed that it's a bit tricky to use our website on your mobile. So for the first time, we're treating our website to a big makeover.   

We want to make it easier for you to browse the archive, see projects and events that are coming up at Enjoy, and read our online publishing. Most of all we want to make visiting our website as enjoyable as visiting the gallery - no matter whether you're at your computer or on your phone. Your donation will help transform Enjoy's website into a place where you can quickly find what you need, or happily while away a weekend afternoon.


The New Website

Launching the new site will be an achievement highly worthy of our fifteenth birthday. We've got some great people on board; the talented duo at Sons & Co. are going to be working with us, which we're very excited about! They'll be taking care of all the heavy lifting and getting our site up to scratch for 2015.

Not only will our new website better showcase our artists and make it easier to find what you're looking for, it's going to make day-to-day life in the office much easier for Emma & Louise - and we'll be able to bring our volunteers on board more often thanks to a more intuitive back-end. All this helps to free up time for what we love most - working with artists and writers to produce new work to share with you.

This is a great chance to support Enjoy as we move into our sixteenth year, and we very much appreciate all donations. 


$3000 Matched Grant

We have been working towards this project for over two years, quietly gathering together funds through a variety of fundraising drives and mindful financial planning, and most of what is needed is ready to go.

The last piece of the puzzle is a generous matched grant from Creative New Zealand, as part of the Digital Strategy scheme that Enjoy has been privileged to take part in. With some fantastic coaching we've been looking at our online presence and digital activity to figure out the best ways to use them - both to better promote our artists and to improve the way we work. If we can raise $3000 for this project, CNZ will match it. We're now turning to you - our friends, artists, and community - to help us raise this last little bit.



  • Enjoy wins Bronze!


    The Best Awards ceremony was held last Friday evening and Enjoy is pleased to announce we walked away with a Bronze award!
    View the entry here

    Again, thank you to Timothy Kelleher, Matthew Arnold and Greg Brown from Sons and Co. 

    We are now at the end of our project updates. All of the content has been uploaded to the website, our archive is complete, and our PDF exhibitions essays can now be viewed and read online. 

    Thank you for supporting Enjoy and following the development of our website. We have had so much fun using it and hope you do too!

    Love from Enjoy

    Enjoy wins Bronze!
  • Best Awards


    We are incredibly proud and excited to have just been announced as one of the 2016 Best Award finalists! 

    New Zealand's Best Interactive Design: Small Scale Websites
    Creative Director / Timothy Kelleher
    Design Team / Matthew Arnold, Greg Brown
    Client / Enjoy Public Gallery
    View the entry here

    Congratulations to Sons and Co. and all of the other finalists. It is wonderful to see so many arts organisations represented.

    Fingers crossed for October!

    Love from Enjoy

    Best Awards


    After months of fundraising, archiving and uploading, our new website is finally here! We are so excited to share it with everyone and cannot thank you enough for all of your support and encouragement.


    So, thank you again for making this project possible and please, take a look around the site, explore the archive, search for a name or two and share the news!

    Love from Enjoy


    P.S. As you roam over the next few weeks, we'd be grateful for some extra error-spotting. Whether it's a tech glitch or a typo, let us know by emailing the details to Louise at comms@enjoy.org.nz

  • We’ve been great, how are you?


    Although out first exhibition, News of the Uruguay Round by Mike Heynes, doesn’t open until the 17th of February, we are back in the office and have been busy getting the gallery set up for this year's programme!

    Over the summer, Sons and Co. have been working on the website. The design has been approved and we are incredibly excited by the look, feel and navigation of the new site.

    Our Comms Manager Louise (and a few incredibly helpful volunteers) has been sorting through hard-drives, CDs, floppy disks, negatives, slides, books, and print outs, piecing together all of the content missing from our current online archive.

    We are so excited to be able to share so much of Enjoy’s history with you and are counting down the last few months until the site goes live!

    Until then,

    Love from Enjoy

    We’ve been great, how are you?
  • We did it!


    Thanks to 70 incredible donors, we have reached our fundraising target! And, as an added bonus, it will be matched by CNZ!

    Thank you, thank you and thank you! It has been a nerve-racking 3 weeks, but the sheer enthusiasm, love and support shown for Enjoy has been incredible to see.

    So thank you again to our friends and the wonderful people in our community who have donated, shared, tweeted and offered words of encouragement. Your faith in both the gallery’s past and future endeavours has not gone unnoticed, and we are so excited to begin developing our website.

    If you haven’t been up to the gallery in a few weeks, come visit and see our current exhibition, Death Workshop by Hiroharu Mori - an artist our Curator Emma met during her recent trip to China and Japan.

    Love from Enjoy

    We did it!
  • We're in capable hands


    Last Friday, Sons & Co. (who are spearheading Enjoy’s website redesign) were awarded no less than 9 prizes at the Designers Institute of New Zealand’s annual Best Awards. This swag includes one of the highly coveted Purple Pins, given to the best of the best in each category.

    Needless to say, we are expecting great things.

    For us, Sons & Co. are going to freshen up our look, as well as shape our site into living archive that connects the gallery’s past and present. We want to make it easy to search past shows, find information on upcoming events, and access our wealth of online publishing – things which are a little difficult on our current website.

    With only 3 days to go, we still have a little more to raise before we reach our target and secure the match funding from Creative New Zealand. So please help to spread the word far and wide; every donation is much appreciated.

    We are very close, so thank you to all of the wonderful people who have helped us so far! We are humbled by your support and enthusiasm for Enjoy’s future, and we can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store!

    Love, as always, Enjoy


    Image Credit: @timothykelleher

    We're in capable hands
  • Two weeks to go and did you know...


    We are almost halfway through our campaign, with an amazing 41 donors and $1,775 raised!

    We are incredibly grateful for all the support we have received so far. If you would like to keep on supporting Enjoy, please help us to spread the word of our campaign! You can email, share, tweet, blog, post, ‘gram, shout from the roof tops, make a small feature film…

    Maybe not the film, but did you know Enjoy Gallery has its own Vimeo account? Alongside our exhibitions, we love to publish essays, make videos and post photos, so that even if you didn’t have a chance to see an exhibition in person, you can still get an experience of what the show was like.

    Our new website will showcase all of this content from our current and past exhibitions, making it easier to find what you are looking for and giving you the best experience of Enjoy online.

    This week Enjoy is closing its doors to build a much-needed wall and give the our existing walls some TLC (and a layer of paint) before we host our reviewing workshop ‘Tell them what you think’ with Rosabel Tan from The Pantograph Punch. Exciting times ahead!

    Love from Enjoy

    Two weeks to go and did you know...
  • Six days live and almost halfway!


    Wow, after less than a week we have already raised $1,465! So close to halfway…

    Thank you to everyone who has made a donation towards our new website! Your support has been incredible.

    This week, publications are on our mind as Enjoy hosts its first (and hopefully annual) Book Fair. This not only a great opportunity to highlight the quality, variety and depth of print publications within the visual arts, but to help support our local community of designers, galleries, and publishers.

    One of Enjoy’s core activities is publishing, with the gallery commissioning publications both in print and online. As our new website is being developed, we are thinking ahead as to how we can develop our online publishing platforms and better highlight the beautiful collection we have in our library. Head to The Dendromaniac to check out our latest online journal.

    Please come and visit us at the Gallery (you’ll find us upstairs at 147 Cuba Street). Browse the books, attend our Book Club this Thurday evening or join us for a cup of Peoples Coffee on Saturday. We'd love to see you!

    Love from Enjoy

    Six days live and almost halfway!

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