Irya Ajith

All Blood Is Bitter

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The story follows Barbara a young Maori woman living in an abandoned village with her two robotic care-takers Ali and Sarah. They find adventure in day-to-day activities to drive away their loneliness. Their solitude spirals into paranoia and distrust when a disturbed man appears outside their home as Barbara's health worsens.

Last year I released my first short film Virus In Paradise, a very personal project. Since it was basically a solo project, my imagination went wild with ideas. I imagined a gritty sci-fi world with a lot of emphasis on world building and characters. No action scenes or fancy flying car but a sincere story about old memories. Once people got to see it, I was surprised by the positive response.

This short film takes place in the same sci-fi universe and tells a story from a different perspective. The film explores themes of isolation, womanhood, language barriers and cultural difference. Having to come together for the final days of one's life. Since I was a kid, I love listening to folklore and old mythologies and incorporating them into a futuristic sci-fi setting has been my passion.

I am hoping to raise $4,000, I've managed to keep the costs down because I have extensive experience in post-productions like cgi, editing, colour grading, sound design - which helped lower the cost. The donations will go towards paying for the actors, crew, equipments, acquiring music rights and on-location cost. Since I am new to the industry, I don't have any contacts or voice to reach out and raise a huge amount. With your help I can make this short-film and be part of next generation of NZ filmmakers.  

Every contributor's name will be credited at the end of the film since you helped make it. If you are unable to donate simply sharing this campaign would be awesome. Boosted campaigns are all or nothing, if we don't reach our goal all donations will be returned to the donors. So please help spread the word. 



  • Update!


    Our Boosted Campaign was successful. Thanks to everyone who donated. We will be building our crew and actors in the coming months. Hoping for a mid-July production and have the short-film completed by October. We’ll be posting updates on the project whenever we hit a milestone, so watch this space!