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Album Recording in New York with Victor Van Vugt and USA EP release

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I'll be traveling to New York via Los Angeles for my EP release with performances scheduled in both cities. Following these shows I'm honoured to be recording a new album with producer Victor Van Vugt at the helm.

Victor Van Vugt is a multi award winning engineer and producer. An Australian based out of New York, he has produced many stunning records - Murder Ballads with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Stories from the cities, Stories from the sea with P.J. Harvey. This collaborative approach is what every artist dreams of experiencing - the opportunity to develop and learn from an industry master.

I met Van Vugt after he saw me perform in New York at the 2013 CMJ Music Festival, where I played the NZ showcase, Footstomp party and as part of the CMJ official programme at venues across Manhattan.  Whilst here, my music attracted serious attention and has generated positive relationships in the US music scene.

With a music career in New Zealand and Australia, I'm most commonly recognised for contemporary dance and theatre scores, Indie band - Motocade, Film and Television commissions and most recently my solo project. My travel to America concentrates on a second solo album, which is an artistic integration of my work to date.  This multi disciplined approach to composing gives music a very unique character and is sure to be emphasised by Van Vugt's involvement.

Your contributions will assist with costs associated with recording, studio and production fees. Your support is greatly appreciated and if you enjoy the music, share it around :)


Debut album Feed the Beast reviews

"One of the most Brilliantly eclectic indie pop albums of the year" 5 Stars, NZ Herald

"Subverts pop expectation…" 4 Stars, The Age

"An experimental, multilayered aural masterpiece that defies genre" music.net.nz

Eden Mulholland website

Victor Van Vugt


  • Don't forget to check out the new Eden Mulholland project!


    Hello friends,

    Don't forget you can re-donate the same amount as last time HERE!

    Here's my new music video for CRY CRY CRY which recently premiered in the US.  Exciting times!


    Here's me on Facebook and a fresh new Website.

    Thanks guys,

    Eden Mulholland :)

  • Still want to make your donation to Eden Mulholland count??



    If you made a donation to my previous campaign, it was refunded because the campaign fell short of it's target :(.....   BUT you can still make it count by re-donating HERE!!  


    I've launched a new Boosted project which is already under way and I need your support more than ever!!

    You'll be helping me in the final phase of recording the second album - contributions go towards production fees and studio hire for the mix sessions with Victor.

    Thanks again for your time, I look forward to sharing the songs with you guys :)

    Here's a pic of me with Victor in his New York studio...



    Still want to make your donation to Eden Mulholland count??
  • Still keen to make your donations count?? My new Boosted project launched today!


    Hi everyone,

    I thank again those who donated in the last project - it was a good learning curve for me with a project this size and I've had to re-think the target so we can get it funded!

    I have decided to launch a new, scaled down BOOSTED campaign!  So if you are still keen to make your donations from the previous campaign count, you can do it here....


    I have 30 days to make a lowered target of $3000.  Which will be invaluable to helping complete the project.

    I'm now halfway through recording the new album and need a boost to help get it completed...  It's been an incredible and life changing last few weeks working in New York and LA and Australia.  The album is sounding amazing and I can't wait to share it with you all!

    Victor Van Vugt has been instrumental so far in helping me develop the songs, with my amazing friend Neil Baldock engineering the album too.  The final step before release is to Mix.  Victor will be doing this in September from his studio overseas.


    Thanks for your support (again!!)

    Eden Mulholland 





    This is the last day of the campaign and it's looking like a miracle is in order!!!

    For all those that have donated - YOU ROCK!!!!  And watch this space for developments and how we can proceed if the target is not reached...

    It's all happening - Monday night I will be in Los Angeles playing with my drummer Ricky B at a place called the Hotel Café, then on to New York to play a showcase for industry.  The EP is officially released today in the USA!  Already songs are being played accross America on the College Radio network.  Exciting times indeed.

    I'll be posting again later today
    Big respect

    Eden :)

  • Final push to get this funded by this FRIDAY!!! WE CAN DO IT!!!


    Hello again good people.

    Today is Monday and by Friday we need to get close to $13,000!!!!!!  It's a massive task and I'm going to give it a red hot go!  It's been a big learning curve for me with this Boosted campaign and I'm constantly suprised and humbled by so many people supporting the project.  Let's put our heads together and give it one more push to get this over the line.  You can help by sharing as much as you can on social media, your email networks, family and friends who you think might be interested.  Thanks again :)

    I depart for Los Angeles on Saturday this week.  Showcasing in LA on Monday 16th evening and off to New York Tuesday.  Showcasing in NY on Wednesday 18th next week.  Then I'm straight into production with Victor on the 19th - 29th in both LA and NY...

    I've been writing as much as possible for the new record, we have around 17 album song contenders which will be whittled down to 10 or 11 for inclusion.

    I will update daily this week.  Good luck everyone and fingers crossed!





  • 11 Days to go! USA EP already receiving some incredible write-ups in the States! Help Spread the word :)


    Hi everyone,

    We are getting down to the wire now with only 11 days to go and a good amount of work still to be done!

    Here's a lovely article in the examiner about the USA EP.


    You can help by sharing the project page via email or facebook to your friends, famiy and colleagues.  

    Thanks guys,


  • Final 2 Weeks start today! + Wall Street Journal BLOG + more.....


    Thanks to all those who have supported so far :) There's a ways to go but it's getting exciting!

    The USA EP called Body Fight Time is scheduled for Digital release in the US JUNE 13.  Already some blog love happening, check out the Wall Street Journal....

    I had a new publicity photoshoot with Naomi Lee.  Check out a couple of the new shots on Face Book


    You can find a digital copy of MUSIC FOR DANCE for free from bandcamp!  It's a selection of excerpts from works for MALIA JOHNSTON.  Plus a whole bunch of other score's I've composed for contemporary dance and theatre productions..

    Don't forget to spread the word if you like what you hear :)

    Final 2 Weeks start today! + Wall Street Journal BLOG + more.....
  • Engineer Neil Baldock to join the US recording team!


    Hey everyone,


    Exciting news - Joining the team is legendary NZ engineer Neil Baldock.  Based out of LA, Neil has helped create some iconic records.  He won best engineer in the 2012 NZ Music Awards for Lydia Cole and has worked with Neil Finn, Crowded House, Bic Runga, Lydia Cole, Sarah Blasko.

    I've worked with Neil previously on Motocade's debut album Tightrope Highway and my solo record Feed the Beast.

    Eden :)

    Engineer Neil Baldock to join the US recording team!
  • Week 2 Starts!


    Hi everyone!  Thanks to all those who have made donations and got the word out to your networks!  We are at 5% and three weeks till I take off for America...

    For the next few weeks I am finalising Demo's for the new album, I have around 16 songs to cull down to about 11 by the time I get to New York.

    Show's are booked for 16th and 17th June in LA and New York, Pre production in NY 18-24 and Tracking in LA booked for 24-29.  Coming together nicely.

    Meanwhile here is an album of music excerpts from Dance works I made for Malia Johnston over the past 10 years...


    Happy Monday everyone.  Keep helping to spread the word!

    Eden M