Eden Mulholland

Album Mix with legendary Victor Van Vugt

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After returning from a pre production and recording stint in New York and Los Angeles for my second album, the next step is to have it MIXED by Victor Van Vugt. The MIX which is one of the most crucial stages of the recording process. The songs will transform from raw, passionate recordings into balanced, sonically crafted and completed songs.

Victor Van Vugt is a multi award winning engineer and producer. An Australian based out of New York, he has produced many stunning records - Murder Ballads with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Stories from the cities, Stories from the sea with P.J. Harvey. This collaborative approach is what every artist dreams of experiencing - the opportunity to develop and learn from an industry master.

The journey of making this album has been the most rewarding and exciting experiences of my life. I can't wait to share the music!

Your donations and support are absolutely invaluable in helping cover the associated fees and hire costs of mixing.

Thanks everyone :)

For more of me and my work: edenmulholland.com


  • Thanks guys! Things progressing nicely...



    Thanks guys for you donations we've made a great start!

    If you want to help by spreading the word, copy this project link and share on Facebook and Twitter and to your friends!  The hardest part of these campaigns is letting everyone know...


    I just got some photos of Victors new studio where he is starting work on the songs soon.  Looks incredible.  

    Meanwhile - here's my latest music video for Cry Cry Cry which was premiered in the US last week, pretty exciting!  We shot this in Townsville late last year...


    Thanks team