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AbandonWitch - Video Pitch

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In 2018 New Zealand, a Maori Scottish Anthropology Professor becomes entranced after visiting an offshore island. According to legend the island is the home of terrifying 18th century ghost 'Heather', who starved to death after being sexually assaulted by a ship captain. Unexpectedly, the Professor (Taia) finds artefacts that help him to solve a mystery deeper than it appears...

Taia and his lover Lucy become entangled in the revengeful antics of Heather, who forces them to confront her angry spirit - unable to find peace. Parallel to terrifying supernatural happenings, artist Lucy is stalked relentlessly and assaulted by bad boy photographer Jimmy. Taia and Lucy - desperate to release Heather into the spiritual world - make another trip to the isolated island, whilst Jimmy meets his horrific fate.

Our Pitch

AbandonWitch - a thriller horror - is a feature film in development, with the potential to be a local/international co-production. With a script in first draft, we are now ready to create a video pitch that we can submit to feature film producers and

The script is exciting, hauntingly compelling and features current social issues intertwined in a story that will leave you mesmerised! The video pitch will be 5-7 minutes, and we'll be shooting in the Wellington region.

Our Team

We are Black Tulip Creative - a collective of local and international independent creators, who are committed to making interesting, topically diverse and art house/indie media content. We have big plans... and a limited budget...

Our crew: AJ Murtagh (Director), who was mentored by Jonathan King (Director of Black Sheep), David Morrah (Director of Photography), Mike Peters (Editor), Tyrone Foerster De Guzman (Camera Operator), Lloyd Powell (Graphic Design), God's Orphan (Music).

Our video pitch cast: Lilia Askew ("Heather")

Your Invitation

You can help to make this unique film fly by investing in the creation of our video pitch. Your donations will help us to cover the costs of costume hire, props, and the services of our director of photography, camera operator, director, editor and graphic designer.

Thanks for your support!


  • Costume sourced!


    The dress has been sourced for the video pitch, thanks to Costume Cave Wellington!

    Costume sourced!
  • Editor Sourced


    We have now found an editor for AbandonWitch video pitch, Mike Peters!