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Aart Smith Project

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The Aart Smith Project involves recording a debut album of ten original songs written and sung by Neville Stewart.

Music has been a huge part of my life since family singalongs in the 60s. Training as a boy soprano I sang in both the church and school choirs, and joined my first band in 1975.

Why an album now?

My music life changed forever in October 2016 after attending a Freakin Awesome Song-Writing Workshop at the Dunedin Folk Club, when cohesion came to the galaxy of musical motifs, melodies, riffs and lyrical ideas I had gathered over the years.

Working steadily with my song writing mentor, stories evolved into music and songs, and in October 2017 a demo tape recording was made of six of my songs. I had no preconceived notion of how I could make an album but when the demo tape reached the ears of my friend Murray Burns, a music producer, songwriter and musician in Mi-Sex, he said 'people need to hear these songs'.

My songs tell heartfelt stories of the emotional and spiritual experience's we have every day with family and friends and feature many references to Aoteoroa's natural landscapes.

I am humbled and grateful to musicians who - when asked to be involved - have embraced wholeheartedly the project on hearing the songs, and have given their professional knowledge and time so generously.

Funding help

Your donation will go towards the costs of professionally producing the songs with session musician backing. A professionally produced album will ensure these songs are enjoyed by a much wider audience.

Please help me fund the Aart Smith project. You will love hearing the results!

Thank you so much

Neville Stewart

Click here to listen to Where You're At






  • South Island flavour to Aart Smith project


    Tony on saxophone recorded in Dunedin

    South Island flavour to Aart Smith project
  • South Island flavour to Aart Smith project


    Here are some photos of the recordings Murray did in Dunedin: the three horn players - Ralph, Paul and Nick, the saxophone player Tony who also sung tenor, and the singers Arlie and Jordan. The other two South Island singers Lisa and Shannon - not shown here - were recorded in Christchurch where they both live.

    The producer Murray and Neville are originally from Invercargill so there is a distinct South Island thing happening here!

    South Island flavour to Aart Smith project
  • 'Funk Groove' added to Aart Smith Project


    We have been working on three additional songs. One track, ‘Too’, started as a basic rock track with a post punk feel. It now has a ‘Funk Groove’ Talking Heads style with two great backing vocalists Kiwi singers Lisa Tui and Shannon Garland Cooper recorded in Christchurch. The other two tracks are stripped back with just acoustic guitar and vocals, both recorded here in Dunedin at the Natural History New Zealand studios.
    In October producer Murray Burns was in New Zealand to talk with Southland Institute of Technology music students. While here he took the opportunity to spend two weeks in Dunedin recording for the Aart Smith project. This included recordings of Ralph Miller playing the French Horn for the track ‘Forgot To Grow Old’ and ‘All My Angels’ giving this track a beautiful and haunting feel; and the stunning voices of Arlie McCormick, Jordan Edwards and Tony Stephens. Tony was also recorded playing the saxophone for ‘Where You’re At’ giving this track a sexy sass!
    What a blast! Here is Murray and I recording 'Milk'at the Natural History New Zealand studios.


    'Funk Groove' added to Aart Smith Project