Brydee Rood

A Warm Breeze Blowing

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My project for Tidelines is a response to climate issues, rising tides; from melting ice caps, to changing weather patterns and New Zealand's fading commitments to The Kyoto Protocol Treaty. A Warm Breeze Blowing will take place at 2pm on 12 March 2015 on a stepped terrace, where the land meets the sea, on the edge of Silo Park. I will layer and unfold a site specific installation (come rain or shine) - a sacred offering of melting ice sourced from the local fish markets, gold and silver survival blanket flags, flowers, incense and candles set into sheltered niches.

Adorned in a crafted meld of ritual and seasonal attire I will actively perform the creation of my work accompanied by the urging beat of a solo taiko drum, measuring and punctuating critical rhythms, the drum beats out of time.

Having recently returned from a stint in the scorching heat of the Rajasthan Summer, enduring daily temperatures in the 40s, I was constantly considering my relationship to the sun, to the climate and feelings of melting. This environmental installation could be seen as an response to this experience and an exercise in global cooling.

With your support, I look forward to creating this work, to navigate a unique moment in time, and to share consciousness on this, the most pressing global issue of our times.

Special thanks to  Sanfords for the ice.

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