A Thousand Hills

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Based on the true life story of Rwandan Francois Byamana & New Zealand Red Cross worker Bob Askew  and their journey from Africa to New Zealand.

"The thought of a play about the Rwandan genocide may make you uneasy, but don't let it put you off this excellent, sensitive, unusual production."  NZ Herald Oct. 2011

We are seeking funding to re-mount, present and tour this existing New Zealand work - A THOUSAND HILLS, to a wider New Zealand audience.   Beginning with three centres:  TAPAC the Auckland Performing Arts Centre, Mangere Arts Centre & Downstage Theatre in Wellington.   Season dates:  October & November 2013. 

In supporting this tour of A THOUSAND HILLS your donation will allow us the opportunity to:

  • Deepen the understanding for audiences of what new New Zealanders have endured to become citizens of this country.
  • Share the story, of what ordinary people can achieve in extraordinary situations.
  • Present a story to young & old - of the great sacrifices that people make in our community.
  • Reach a wider New Zealand audience from students to seniors.
  • Create an opportunity for audiences to share their own stories and promote discussion through public forums following the performance.
  • Support Francois Byamana's professional development as a principal actor in this production and his role in sharing the stories of refugees and new migrants, who have survived to become New Zealand citizens. 

"A Thousand Hills, one of the most exciting productions of 2011." NZ Herald Oct. 2011

Any donation (big or small) will assist towards this tour so that more New Zealanders can share this true story and the healing powers of trust and friendship.

"A Thousand Hillsis as much an act of bearing witness to humans' capacity for both atrocity and love as it is a piece of theatre. A diamond in the rough." NZ LISTENER Oct. 2011

Writer: Mike Hudson
Director: Margaret-Mary Hollins
Set Design: John Verryt
Lighting Design: Vera Thomas
Costume Design: Elizabeth Whiting
Production Manager: Andrew Malmo
Photographer: Andrew Malmo
Musical Engineering: Theo Gibson


Francois Byamana
Sylvia Rands
Bruce Philips
Karima Mudat
Wanjiku Kiarie Sanderson
Yaw Boateng
Ahi Karunaharan


  • Lightning Strikes


    Thank you all for your support, we are about two weeks away from starting our rehearsals and we are beginning to assemble our wonderful group of actors. Yaw Boateng is currently in Ghana where he has been performing with some of the great names in African Music (Hugh Masekela and Femi Kuti) and we have a new actor joining us who will let you know in the next few days.  Very exciting news.

    By the way did you know that NASA recently recognised Rwanda as the true lightning capital of the world.  What a country- so much has happened in their history and lightning as well!!



    Lightning Strikes
  • Slyvia Rands joins A Thousand Hills


    A Thousand Hills is very pleased to announce that the wonderful Slyvia Rands is joining our cast.  She will be playing the character of Anna- a European Aid Worker.  Slyvia brings great knowledge and experience and we are excited to be working with her again

    Slyvia Rands joins A Thousand Hills
  • Edwin Wright joins the cast of A Thousand Hills


    We are proud to announce that Edwin Wright- fresh from his starring role in The Glass Menagerie- Auckland Theatre Company will be joining the cast of A Thousand Hills to play the character- Nick Halliiday.  Nick brings a wealth of experience to this role and we are all really excited to be working with him.

    Stay tuned as we announce further updates on the cast of A Thousand Hills.

    Edwin Wright joins the cast of A Thousand Hills
  • Karima Sings!


    Our very own Karima Madut who plays a number of characters in A Thousand Hills will be performing with Weird Together (Nick D from George Fm musical venture) at Tyler Street Garage- Auckland on the 31st August.

    Karima is a wonderful singer and performer and this is a great chance to see her live before she settles into rehearsing and touring A Thousand Hills in October and November.

    Karima Sings!
  • Thank You!


    Thanks everyone who has been checking out our campaign and you wonderful people who have made  a contribution.  We are just getting into the swing of things and we already have 11% towards our final total- THANK YOU!  We have just been having some pre-production meeting regarding rehearsals and it is very exciting to be catching up with our cast and production team.  Please check out this video from the 2011 Season where Mike Hudson talks about the experience of writing and working on the first season of A Thousand Hills.




    It is significant to note that on the 21st of August 1994 (almost 20 years ago) the RPF took over the whole of Rwanda and effectively stopped the brutal 3 months of appalling genocide that had  occurred.  It may be 20 years ago but of course the history is still very present.





    Thank You!


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