Sherilee Kahui

(A Smidge of) Pidge at the Melbourne fringe Festival

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I have been programmed to perform my first ever solo show, (A Smidge of) Pidge, at the curated Fringe Hub in the Melbourne Fringe Festival in September this year.

To get to Melbourne I need help paying for flights for myself and a technical operator and also with Venue fees and Marketing costs. To help myself, I have applied for Creative New Zealand funding (fingers crossed) and am doing a fundraiser performance at the Newtown Community & Cultural Centre on the 12th of August (please come!).

About the show:

Sherilee Kahui (NZ) stars in this one woman show about the existential dread we all feel from time to time. It asks the hard questions, such as: "Am I doing the right thing with my life?", "Why do embarrassing things always happen to me?" and "Why does everyone hate pigeons?"

(A Smidge of) Pidge is a black comedy about identity and the anxiety that is inextricably tied to it. It fuses clowning, song and dance to show the myriad ways in which we are all simultaneously the same and very different, using comedy to ultimately celebrate the absurdity of it all.

What people are saying about (A Smidge of) Pidge:


"…you remind me of a kiwi version of Lena Dunham"

"…inventive use of space, skilled performance that is both focussed and casual, eclectic material and a fun atmosphere." - Ross Macleod,