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A Slightly Isolated Dog Makes a BRAND NEW SHOW

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A Slightly Isolated Dog is making a Brand-New Show, the third in our "Very Famous, Very French" series, a trilogy that includes Don Juan and Jekyll & Hyde.
In our shows, the audience tells a story with us. This time we're using a similar process where the audience are going to create the Brand-New Show with us! Our plan is to premiere the work in NZ in 2020/21, then tour it nationally and internationally.

We need your help to make this work in two ways: financially and creatively. This Boosted campaign is to cover a small portion of the many costs of creating this new show. Then through July and August, we will start to create the show with input from of you: the audience.
Our financial expenses include:
• Costumes, props, scenery, and all the physical materials we need to build these elements
• A rehearsal space
• Wages for the time and skills of our performers, designers, director and producer to make it
• Travel, transport and accommodation costs for our cast and crew to come together.
It costs us about $85,000 to make a new show and we want to raise $10,000 from our Boosted family.

Throughout the process we will be engaging you, our beautiful friends, to help us create it with us! What stories do you want us to tell? What characters and situations do you desire to see us do?

Over the next several months we are going on tour in the UK and Edinburgh with Don Juan and Jekyll & Hyde. On the road we will begin creating the show and sharing bits and pieces of ideas through online content and we want you to comment and talk with us throughout. There will be multiple ways for you to offer feedback from simply liking and sharing, to adding your own stories.

After we arrive back in New Zealand later this year, we will continue the creative process, and offer you the opportunity to come along to special live events where we show you what we've done and your feedback helps us shape the next steps.

At the end of it all, together we will have created a Brand-New Show that contains our collective experiences and a massive party for everyone to enjoy for years to come.
But in order to begin this crazy new adventure, we need to raise a little money to get us underway.

Thank you!
Leo, Andrew, Comfrey, Jack, Jono, Sam, Susie from A Slightly Isolated Dog

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