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A Pivotal Addition to Auckland Print Studio

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Auckland Print Studio was founded by John Pusateri and is co-directed with Jan Philip Raath. John and Philip are artists as well as collaborative printmakers, passionate about the history, culture and practice of traditional and contemporary printmaking.

Since Auckland Print Studio (APS) was founded, in 2008, we have printed over 200 editions by more than 50 artists. We work collaboratively with artists through a variety of media to create original fine art prints. We enjoy the challenges and rewards of working with artists to realise their creative and conceptual ideas through print.

Stone lithography is our primary medium for working with artists because of the flexibility of the medium, and its ability to capture the artists intention and style of work. Lithographs produced and printed by Auckland Print Studio are found in numerous international collections and have been regularly exhibited and awarded prizes.

The Mailander offset lithography press that has become available in Canada is being offered at a very reasonable price. There are numerous benefits to adding this press to our studio including a substantial increase in production, less manual labour and more affordable service to local and international artists to name just a few of the advantages. The press will increase the scope of services that we can offer due to the machines versatility, our in-house expertise means that we can operate the press to its full capability.

Although the price of the press is relatively reasonable, the costs are significantly increased by the logistics of taking the machine apart, the crating, removal from the 9th floor of a building and shipping it to NZ. All of this requires specialist knowledge of how the machine works and needs to be done by an expert.

Our Boosted goal is to raise $15,000 towards this.

Given these requirements, the purchase and relocation project has become unaffordable for APS at an estimated overall cost of $25,000 - this amount doesnt take into account the possibility of any hidden costs that are likely to occur.

A successful Boosted campaign will enable us to cover the price of the press and a good portion of the shipping and crating costs.

We are asking our supporters for contributions that will help us to achieve our goal of bringing this unique piece of printing equipment to New Zealand.

Any contribution is welcome and will be gratefully received. Boosted donations are eligible for a 33% tax credit (within New Zealand).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to come and visit the studio!

Our Instagram page has many examples of what we do in the studio.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


  • It begins


    The press is now disassembled and will soon begin the journey to New Zealand.  Thank you all for the support!  We look forward to sharing more.

    It begins