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A piano for Madeleine

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A piano for Madeleine

Artists have powerful insights that open worlds of imagination, intrigue and meaning. When we hear artists talk, our own sense of creativity is activated.

In 2012 Radio New Zealand and the Arts Foundation launched a series called YOU CALLTHIS ART. Live events recorded for replay on radio, YOU CALL THIS ART features three artists presenting some work with insights into its creation. The events are free, if you want to attend, let us know via our website

New Generation Award recipient and soprano Madeleine Pierard will perform at YOU CALL THIS ART in Christchurch on 4 December. Venue options are limited in Christchurch and while we are grateful to the Air Force Museum for hosting this event, they don't have a piano.

Everyone knows that the real thing is always the best thing. We are hoping that you will want to help us with the $800 cost of moving and tuning a piano to accompany Madeleine on 4 December.

Thank you in advance for making a donation. The Arts Foundation loves technology, we are proud to have launched this website, but when it comes to pianos, there are no alternatives!


  • Thank you!


    We have been promoting our campaign to have a piano for Madeleine at YOU CALL THIS ART in Christchurch for less than 24 hours and we have met our goal! Amazing. There is nothing like the real thing and the real thing in this case is the generosity of those who support the arts. Thank you very much.

    People are welcome to keep donating. All generosity helps us with the cost of bringing artists to Christchurch.

  • Where do all those notes comes from?


    Thanks for checking out our Boosted project. Madeleine is performing as part of YOU CALL THIS ART with Illustrator and writer Gavin Bishop and Theatre practitioner, Jacob Rajan.

    These events are designed to give audiences increased insight into the arts through listening to the artists talk about how they create. We will be asking Madeleine to tell us what goes through the mind of a singer when on stage. Where do those notes all come from? Is it all hard work and training, or is there something else going on?

    In the meantime, you can listen to Madeleine singing here to come up with your own questions:


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New Zealand artists are loved around the world, so much so that people are willing to dig deep to support them. We, at the Arts Foundation, think this is great. Being able to give a little, or a lot, means anyone and everyone can be involved in the arts.

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