Emma Barrett

A New Man

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Meet Mr. Toxic, the man we all know and hate. He's been there to catcall, tell you to smile more, or make you feel bad for wearing pink and knowing all the words to Shake it Off by Taylor Swift.

All is well for Mr. Toxic until one day, karma spikes his drink. From there his life is changed as his body shifts before his very eyes. He develops boobs, a booty, and gets his first period. With this, he is forced to adapt. Can he survive life as a woman in the toxic world he had a hand in creating?

A New Man is a physical comedy exploring toxic masculinity as a clown. It is an original and hilarious solo that explores the depths of gender constructs and ideals. It is a must see for anyone who has encountered toxic masculinity in their life.

Who the fluff are we and why do we want your money?

We are Warped Productions, or just Emma and Devon in person. We are both second year theatre students with a passion for the wacky and wonderful. This is our first show as a company, and our first time in the Fringe festival.

The show was originally devised by Emma for her student solo this year. Now it has been developed into a 30-minute piece that goes further than humping chairs and running angrily at the audience. (You had to be there I guess..)

The idea is based on our own experiences with toxic masculinity. Now ok, we know… Nowadays everyone is making something about toxic masculinity! But we want to say something different. This show is not merely complaining about it, but characterizing the issue as a clown and taking him on a journey. We are exploring empathy. How could you get someone like Toxic Masculinity to empathize? How can you get the audience to empathize with Toxic Masculinity?

We have very kindly received funding from Kākano, but we still need $600. This will cover some admin fees, marketing, production costs, and tech. We will also be running a bake sale as a way to market and raise funds, but we're not positive that we can raise $600 off of cookies.

So we ask you, kind reader, to please send a dollar or two our way! It would help us immensely in making this show the best it can be!

The show is on from the 1st to the 3rd of March, 9:30pm at Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre.

Special thanks to all the lovely people at our course, tutors and students alike, who have helped to shape this show from day one.