Elizabeth Turner

A Lost Cause

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A Lost Cause is a Black comedy written by Loren Black and directed by Amber Liberté, starring an all-female cast exploring the brutal, harrowing and repressed notion that is Mental Health in Aotearoa.

Sometimes I think I'm crazy, then I realize you are too. We're all bloody nuts.

We're Crazy. Clingy. Emotional. Needy. Sacred. Selfish. Victim. Attention Seeking. Dramatic. Suicidal.

So why aren't we talking about it?

This show is something very close to our hearts. We want to engage people in the conversation about mental illness BUT the thing is, theatre is expensive and we hate making artists work for free. All we need is love, support and cash (emphasis on the cash.)

A Lost Cause is a brand new love child that is about to be birthed at Basement Theatre from October 16 - 20 and although this is an absolute labour of love, it would be 100% better if we could buy some props, hire a safe rehearsal space, and maybe even pay some creatives (unheard of, I know.)

We are extremely proud of this show. We found a group of incredibly talented women and created a story that showcases an epidemic in our country that too many people avoid. Placing women in the spotlight and depression at the forefront, we are determined to open the lines of communication.

We appreciate all and any support you can give!

The Team:
Director: Amber Liberté
Writer: Loren Black
Producer: Elizabeth Turner
Music: Mainard Larkin

Ellen Ranum
Rhema Sutherland
Bridget Pyc
Brianna Jude
Natasha Ross
Suzy Smith-Roy
Grace Augustine


  • A Lost Cause Update


    We are overwhelmed by the support we are receiving by you fabulous people that have donated! Here's a wee pic of a rehearsal with our incredible cast and director!

    We are proud of the work we are creating and we cannot wait to present it to the world!

    A Lost Cause Update
  • A Sneak Peek


    Here is a Sneak Peek into our rehearsal room and a piece of movement being developed with text. We are confronted by how we conduct our relationships; friendship, romance, indifference, broken. How through our bodies, our actions can mean so many different things. How much can you give before you have to take?

  • WOOO!!


    Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far! We've had so many laughs and found so many beautiful human moments while developing the work and we can't wait to bring it to you! We're about half way through detailing scenes at the moment, and let us tell you; it's certainly a journey!

    Once again, A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SUPPORTED US SO FAR we really really appreciate it :D

    <3 <3

  • We thank you!