Mark Lockett

A long time dream

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I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to record with world renowned taonga pūoro musician and researcher Richard Nunns. All we need to do now is press the record, and you can help.

Inspired to exhibit a combination of sound and image, photographer Veronica Hodgkinson asked Richard Nunns and me to record music for her exhibition. Motivated by the spontaneous improvisations that were created we decided to release a record. When renowned New Zealand composer and musician Jeff Henderson agreed to produce the recording I knew that this was going to be a very special album.

It has been a long time dream of mine to collaborate with these two New Zealand musical icons. As Veronica's images pushed the boundaries of photography, this album has pushed my boundaries as an improvising musician. The music draws on the wealth of knowledge that both Richard and Jeff have with regard to taonga pūoro and fuses it with my 14 years living, performing and studying jazz in Melbourne and New York City.

Jeff's vision for the album was to present Richard Nunns in an unprecedented way, which I believe he has achieved. I am proud to be a part of this album and hope that you feel inspired to be part of its creation.

The music is mixed and mastered and ready to be pressed on vinyl. As a work of art this project suits being released as an LP and a made to order CD with a booklet of images created especially by Veronica for the release.

Making LPs is not as easy as you may think; it's a more timely and expensive process than CDs. By contributing to this project you will help us cover costs for pressing the vinyl and related shipping costs.

So to all my awesome friends out there, I hope you will join with me to make this once in a lifetime amazing musical connection available for us to enjoy on vinyl, always. Thank you in advance!


  • Final few words


    Well its time for final sign off on our campaign, what a ride it was. Thanks to the donors who contributed after we reached target, the extra funds will go towards promoting the album. We really appreciated everyone’s support. I found this proverb and thought it was appropriate to include in our final update.

    Ehara taku toa, he takitahi, he toa takitini
    (My success should not be bestowed onto me alone, as it was not individual success but success of a collective.)

    The vinyl arrived a few days ago and looks fantastic. The CD and vinyl (which includes a download card) will officially be available from 14 July. 

    News is getting out about the album. Click here to listen to Radio New Zealand presenter Eva Radich interview Mark on the album. Click here to read for a review by Graham Reid. We also got a mention on State of the Arts, Nunns finds time. 

    Hope to see you at the album launch party. As a reminder, the Auckland party will be at the Audio Foundation on Tuesday 14 July and the Wellington party at the Pyramid Club on Thursday 16 July. 7pm start and entry is FREE.


    Final few words
  • We smashed it!


    We smashed it! Thank you so much for helping us reach target. Love your guys!

    Rueben Bradley, Ashleigh Flynn, Joanna Higgins, Simon Bowden, Peter and Glenys Lockett, Mark Robinson, JC Styles, Nichola Taylor, Umar Zakaria, Lisa Tomlins, Michael Avery, Adrian Laird, Callum Passells, Sarah-Kate Coyte, Steve Garden, Caroline Manins, Tom McLeod, Ade Ishs, Graeme Cook, Reuben Derrick, Darron Davies, Miles Crayford, Sally O'Neill, Ashby Corrigan, Tina Duncan, Daigo Nakai, Helen Rickit, Colleen Hodgkinson, Sam Izzo, PIVNZ, David & Rhonda Heather, Marcia Nalepa, Anna Edgington, Fergus Barrowman, Michael Prior, Melanie Hamilton, Paul Van Ross, Tony Atkinson, Richard Thai, Ken & Colleen Gilligan, Simon Lockett, Seth Myers, Emma, Bernice & David Samuals, Sean and Debbie Lockett, Private Donor, Pieter Bos, Suzanne Ellison, Anna Haines, Duncan Wylie, Tim Clarkson, Denise De Keyzer, Takashi Inoue, Phil Boniface, Kevin Field, Matt Matsik, Glen Wagstaff.

    Its not to late to contribute as there are still a few more days to go before the campaign officially closes. Any additional funds we manage to raise will go towards promoting the album. 

    Aroha nui, Veronica

    PS: Remember to come and celebrate the release of the album with Mark and Jeff at the Audio Foundation on 14 July and the Pyramid Club on 16 July.


  • Record Players


    We are getting close to reaching target! Almost time to think about record players

    Do you remember your first record, I do. It was the summer of 81, while holidaying at Foxton beach, that I purchased my first record 'See me go' by the Screaming Meemees. It was a limited edition 7" that in its first week of release shot to No.1 in the charts.

    Over the years I have sold, gifted and misplaced so many treasured items (including all my high school annuals). A few years ago I even considered taking what was left of my record collection to the op-shop, but when it came to it I just couldn't do it. Music is an important part of my life and triggers so many memories.

    One of our Boosted contributors Mark Robinson is a presenter on Primetime Jazz Radio Adelaide and has an extensive record collection. I asked Mark why he still uses records. "Well I was bought up on vinyl and still have a nostalgic ideal for the organic feel of the vinyl and the cardboard that make up the LP" says Mark. He finds the artwork, sleeves notes and layout of information on an LP (especially a gate-fold LP) to be far superior and aesthetically pleasing than CDs Then there is the sound, with a few modifications Mark recently upgraded his turntable and says, "the sound is a lot more pleasing than that of my CDs or my digital files. He also adds that "I think there is something that is extremely and dare I say it geeky about rummaging through boxes of records to find the missing one from a collection or the rare gem that others have missed."

    Since I still have my record collection and with our album 'Redaction' soon to be released I think its time to purchase some new hardware. Of course Amazon and eBay sell record players but there are also a couple of other sites of interest. They aren't as expensive as you may think with prices ranging from $90 to $990.

    If you are worried that buying a record player will be a waste of money you shouldn't be. Record sales have grown steady over the last few years, with many artists pressing vinyl; even Taylor Swift released her album 1989 on vinyl.

    I'm an analogue girl at heart so releasing Redaction on vinyl made sense. We are pressing a very limited release of 100 records. Its unlikely that we will extend the vinyl release but then again you never know.


  • A woohoo moment


    What a way to enjoy the 4th July celebrations. Only 10% to go.

    Thanks for your support! 

    A woohoo moment
  • Which one?


    Here are the track names from the album. Which one will be your favourite?

    1 Redaction

    2 Routine Inspection

    3 Extinct Species

    4 Two Minds

    5 Tripped It

    6 Sleeping Giant

    7 Material Instinct

    8 Revival

    9 La Morte

  • Sneak peak


    Thank you friends, family and anonymous donors for all your generous support for our project so far. It has just been truly amazing.

    Here is another sneak peak of one of the images from the booklet. I hope you like it.

    Cheers, Veronica

    Sneak peak
  • A special donation honoring a special person


    We would like to make a special mention of a donation of $500 honoring the late Paul Manning past National Executive Officer of PVINZ Inc. I was fortunate to meet Paul in 2013 when I was working on an album for PVINZ. What struck me was his passion and support for music and the arts. Paul was one of those people who made a difference and touched many people with his drive, dedication and determination. I would like to share with you one of Paul’s favorite proverbs by Witi Ihimaera

    Kia hora te marino
    Kia whakapapa pounamu te moana
    Kia tere te karohirohi
    I mua i tou huarahi

    May the calm be widespread
    May the ocean glisten as greenstone
    May the shimmer of light
    Ever dance across your pathway.

    Thank you PVINZ for supporting our project and honoring Paul in such a special way.

  • Join us in celebrating the album release.


    Thanks to your help we're making great progress on reaching our target of $3000. The other piece of good news is that we have secured venues for the Redaction album release party.

    The Auckland party will be at the Audio Foundation on Tuesday 14 July. The Audio Foundation is in the sub-basement of the Parisian Tie Factory, 4 Poynton Terrace (Off Pitt St or behind St Kevin's Arcade) Central Auckland.

    The Wellington party will be held at the Pyramid Club on Thursday 16 July. The Pyramid Club is 272 Taranaki Street, Central Wellington.

    Both parties are free entry and start at 7pm.

    We're also on track for the LP being available for purchase at the party. Woohoo!



  • a little adventure


    I thought you might like to see what started this adventure. While creating images for her March 2013 exhibition Veronica made a video showing the creative process. The track on the video was featured in the original soundscape but is not on the record. You can view the video in YouTube.

  • A big thank you!


    We are feeling very blessed with the support we have received so far, 17 % is just 2 days is amazing.

    As a taste of what’s to come, here is one of the images that has been selected for the 16 page booklet that will support the CD. Hope you enjoy.

    A big thank you!