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A landscape with too few lovers

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The McCahon house Trust is a charitable, non-profit Trust formed in 1999 for the express purpose of:

•    Restoring the old bach in French Bay Titirangi, where Colin McCahon lived in the 1950's, during a watershed period in his art career.
•    Opening the cottage to the public, schools and tertiary students through an outreach education programme.
•    Building artist's accommodation and studio next door, from where the Trust now manages an artist residency programme.

In 2006 the McCahon House was opened to the public.  In addition to tutored visits for schools and tertiary organisations, the McCahon House has hosted special interest groups such as art and heritage groups, architects, U3A and Zonta through guided tours of the house and artist talks.

Many New Zealanders and international guests have visited and experienced the environment that so inspired McCahon.

To ensure that we do not lose the momentum of this culturally important project we need to give our education programme a boost. 

With your support we can continue to inspire a new generation of artists with the heritage of Colin McCahon, New Zealand's foremost 20th Century painter.

This summer we want to make our resources more accessible to a broader segment of the community. This includes initiatives for our deaf community and lower decile schools.  

We want to encourage more people to visit the site and meet the artist in residence.

$20 will transport one student and gain access to the McCahon House 

$50 will allow that student to share the conversations in the house with friends

$100 will enable a few groups to experience the house.

$400 would cover the bus hire to bring a larger group to the house

$500 would allow us to transcribe some of the audio files and offer them as a printed supplement to our deaf community.

$1000 would enable us to upgrade the educational resources on our website for teachers planning for next year.


  • McCahon Project Revisited


    Good morning all,

    Our new project - McCahon House Revisited - is now online at this link:

    McCahon House Revisited

    Our target is $2000.00.  Our last project did not reach our target and your donation was refunded.  I hope you will consider supporting our 'version 2' project with your refunded pledge. 

    I have focused this project on raising funds for the core elements which will allow us to make our interpretive displays more accessible to our deaf viistors.

    Thank you for your support!

  • McCahon House Revisited


    Hi All, 

    Thank you for donating to our project.  Unfortunately we did not reach our target so your donation has been refunded.    I am hoping to list a smaller version of our project with a smaller target amount, in the next few days and hope you will consider donating to this. 

    I will let you know when you can view it on boosted.

    Thank you for your support.





  • So close to reaching that famous happy ending!


    ...and look how far we've come.

    I hope by tomorrow  these lyrics will change to. ...together we made it...

    ONE day to go and we have climbed to 69% of our target overnight.  Our project deadline is looming so please ensure all your networks have had an opportunity to contribute.

    Thank you again to everyone who has donated and joined us on this journey - we hope it is just the first step in bringing audiences to the McCahon House that have not had the opportunity to engage in the many conversations that fill this small cottage.  The conversations within the interpretive displays and those that are continued by our visitors.


  • Thank you !


    Thank you to all those who have donated to our project so far.  We have now reached 60% of our target. With only 3 days left ...

  • Contemporary Art: Does audience matter?


    Colin McCahon famously said “As a painter I often care more for you than you do about me, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be doing my job properly as a painter”

    Surrounded by the exhibition that showcased a selection of work from the 2006 - 2013 Artists’ Residency programme, we were in conversation with artists Dieneke Jansen, Nicola Farquhar and Tiffany Singh, moderated by journalist Josie McNaught, to discuss the importance of audience in an artists practice.

    We managed to bring a few people in out of the sunny weather to join in on the discussion.  Very refreshing to hear the artists voice.


    Contemporary Art: Does audience matter?
  • Jacqueline Amoamo revisits French Bay


    As part of the Auckalnd Heritage Festival Jacqueline Amoamo recalled some of her memories from living in French Bay.

    Jacqueline Amoamo, with her husband Tairongo purchased the McCahon cottage in 1960. Through the years they tried to keep its appearance close to the original. Jacqueline lived there until 1998 when the cottage and adjoining land were bought by Waitakere City Council. Formerly a journalist at the Listener for 30 years, Jacqueline spoke about interesting visitors, unusual residents and unexpected events at French Bay during the 1960s and 70s. 

  • Kelston Girls School


    Kelston Girls School visited the McCahon House Residency recently.  Their interpreter assited some of the hearing impaired students during their studio visit with Fiona Pardington.  We are hoping to have more resources for hearing impaired visitors after our BOOSTED project.  ONLY 29 days left to reach our target.

    Kelston Girls School

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