Vanessa Crofskey

A is for Aardvark

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Kia ora everyone!

I'm Van Crof.

I'm an emerging interdisciplinary artist. 

This year I was invited to present the work 'A is for Aardvark, B is for Bubonic Plague' at The Performance Arcade, which is real cool!

This is a major opportunity for me to exhibit on an established platform, and my first solo work since graduating, so I want to make the best work I can. 

What I'm making:

A is for Aardvark is a durational performance held in a main space container along Wellington Waterfront. It combines the process of letter-writing with hanging installations, projection and devised performance to form a one-sided séance of interpretation (sexy, I know).

The work investigates cycles of grief and worship within human emotional landscapes. Letters become performative gestures, as I attempt to communicate beyond the grave to different social figures.

I'm looking at the relationship between text, body and performance, how we reimagine our histories, how we shift from private reflections to public engagements. Obsessive rituals of intimacy as an avoidance of ending.  

In simpler terms, I'm going to write approx 100 letters to late figures, laminate dust, attempt to resuscitate taxidermied ducklings, project my thoughts on an OHP, talk shit to strangers and do hectic art-things for 3 full days plus.

Why it matters:

From what people have said about my practice, I feel like I have a voice that resonates. People believe in me and want to see more of of the art I make. This is one of the projects that I feel I can reflect those qualities.

This is a great opportunity for me to showcase my shit, develop my ideas and be represented as a serious solo artist. I get to establish networks with arts practitioners who make work like mine and expand my reach. I get to sit within a multidisciplinary programme that is outside the usual confines of a gallery, a theatre or my bedroom. 

Why I'm asking for your help:

This is a pretty extensive project and it all adds up to time, cost and labour. Your donations will help to cover the major cost of materials. 

I want to be able to further development this project, which means investing in the making now for a longer pay off.

In short: art matters, artists matter and it's fucking expensive to create!!!

If you want to see me #thrive or at least #survive with a practice, then please consider funding me to do so!#soicangotobunnings

How much I'm asking for:

Reaching my Boosted target won't cover all project expenses, but is a happy start to making my poor choice in career pathways sustainable. Ultimately I would love to raise $1200.

Who am I? / Bio for the non-believers

Vanessa Crofskey  is an artist who spans the boundaries of installation, text and performance.

She is a recent BVA grad of AUT and was awarded AD17 Head of School for her final undergraduate show. Last year saw her work with Auckland Museum on poetry videos, plus perform in public programmes for ST PAUL St Gallery, RM Gallery, Festival of the Future, Audio Foundation, Whau Arts and play_station for Performance Art Week Aotearoa. She has also made and created for Basement Theatre, ASB Waterfront Theatre, and Q [Other: chinese].

In 2017 she won Best Storytelling/Spoken Word alongside ATC's Here and Now Award at Auckland Fringe. She is the current Regional Slam Poetry Champion and has written both online and in print - Hainamana, SCUM Mag, Depot Artspace, Eastlit, Dear Journal.

xoxo Van Crof


  • All wrapped up!


    The project went (and was received) pretty wonderfully. 

    A final thank you to all those who shared and donated.

    I felt really nourished by this project, confident in my abilities and that

    I have such kind and generous support from so many. 



    All wrapped up!