James Solomon & Lissandra Leite

A Hole

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A man digs a hole. People watch him do it.

A skilled workman digs a perfect hole in the middle of a vast cracked earthen plain. A series of well-dressed people come and sit round the hole on comfortable couches offering contradictory opinions, and the job gradually unravels.

If you work in the creative or advertising industries this process may seem familiar. In fact if you work in any industry you will find this story speaks to you.

'A Hole' is a black comedy short film that explores the existential pain of working in a corporate hierarchy or perhaps just of working at all. It references and contemporises Greek myths, the theatre of the absurd, 60's radical cinema and 70's British sitcoms.

Funny and tragic, or perhaps just tragic, it has a stellar cast and crew including actors Josh McKenzie, Byron Coll, Leisha Ward Knox, David Van Horn and Lucy Wigmore, director of photography Dave Garbett, production designer Jon Lithgow, editor Alex O'Shaughnessy and vfx artist Leon Woods. It was written and directed by James Solomon and produced by Lissandra Leite through production company Flying Fish.

We have completed the main shoot and are looking for funding to finish the film. Please donate so that you can see our A Hole.

We are aiming for at least $8,000. This will be used for pick-up shooting, editing, grading, mix, final output and screening. 

Flying Fish are match donors for the first $2,000. Please click on the link to make a donation by credit card. Donations to Boosted are tax deductible which is cool.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check this out, if you have time please click on the facebook page (even if you haven't donated), and like the group. This will help us to communicate about and promote the film's progress.

A massive thank you to the amazing cast

Josh Mckenzie / Byron Coll / Leisha Ward Knox  /  David Van Horn  / Lucy Wigmore  / Morgan Albrecht  / Emma Eglinton  / Catherine Yates and Ryan Dulieu

Thanks! :)

The Team

James Solomon - Director

James is an award winning moving image director based in New Zealand. He is originally from the UK. He works on commercials, music videos and narrative content. He was one of 7 LBB emerging NZ directors in 2015.

His latest short film 'Bound' was nominated for best actor at the 2017 New Zealand film awards, 'McWhopper' won the Cannes Grand Prix in 2016 and was the most globally nominated campaign of 2016. He currently has several NZ brand campaigns on the box and has the blackly comic short film 'A Hole' in post-production.

Lissandra Leite - Producer

Lissandra has been working in the screen industry for the last 20 years, having started in London working for Nickelodeon Television. She also worked in well-established London production houses on TVCs and documentaries.

Her producing work ranges from television, music industry, TVCs, short films, documentaries, music videos as well as online and video content, and has worked across a wide range of budgets, crews and productions.

Her work includes producing music videos for top kiwi & international artist such as Kimbra, Julia Deans, Alien Weaponry, Maala, Nika, Salmonela Dub and many others. Lissandra has also produced commercials for such brands as Countdown, Vodafone & Ford.

Her most recent work includes Producing "She Speeds" 3 minute documentary 100% funded by Boosted Campaign.