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A Grimm Punk Story

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You make our Grimm Punk Story happen. See why we ripped so much apart and remade the world.

Raewyn Alexander interviewed clever, stylish, fiesty women (and marvellous Murray Cammick), gathered myriad 1974-78 memories. Raewyn's translated so much into this script. Then we finely tuned the writing at Lab 16, Tiny Theatre.

Teenage Girl on Fire reads angsty scribblings alight, real punk voices fray the stage, memories play startle in a fantastic, poetic, edgy adventure. Dare with us into youthful flights of ha ha and pogo....

Your donation thank you, shall pay for -

Rehearsal space, twelve actors rehearsing, producer, director, give-aways, press releases/kits, videos, online presence, distribution, website. Auditorium Auckland City Art Gallery (150 people - see the play reading there 27 November 2018), then Tiny Theatre Westmere, (see the play showcase 1, 2, 3 March 2018), security, admin., costumes, props, backdrop, accounting, contingencies, travel TOTAL $14,490

A Grimm Punk Story.

Donate to this Boosted. Next then enjoy ragged wild humour, ripped up blandness, ferociously going where you've never seen, to the beginning of punk where we kept it secret. Untold stories, revealed at last for good and all, leaping fantastic.

Lift us into production. Join our story, get this Grimm Punk Story play stare-worthy and breezing on.

Also, please kindly share this page with your clever, interesting family and friends.

Thank you.

O the the torn down sides of time....

Thanks - Alice Cunliffe and Jacqui Whall starred in our Boosted video, with director Patrick Graham, and producer, writer, and costume designer Raewyn Alexander. Videos, Chris Winchcombe, Matthew Beck Berrigan, Alison Jean Andersen; Some story, Nick Hansen (ex-Spelling Mistakes), written with Alexander, 1990s. Workshopping at Lab 16,Verity George's Tiny Theatre, all actors great too. 


  • Thanks but we didn't make it


    Kia ora tatou katoa, lovely to see you here and involved,

    Great to so many did support us.

    Thanks anyway.

    This Boosted we created with months of planning (and writing the play), a day's filming, and many meetings, to muster support for A Grimm Punk Story.

    We gave as many people as possible an idea of this play. It's celebrating youth, innovation and daring, good memories, and in part explores sadness around losing sight of a dream.  Edgy, creative, gorgeous, startling youth in the 70s, punk kids believing in themselves after all, what a time, and we changed the world.

    We spent hundreds of hours working up PR, then invested borrowed money, hiring the auditorium, but now need to accept the project's not supported enough.

    Boosted has to reach the full amount.

    If we'd achieved three quarters of the total, we had someone willing to add the rest, but not to be.

    Of course no harm in trying, simply sad now to see the nowhere we've arrived at, indeed.

    Thanks for your belief in us anyway, the few who generously donated, and your money shall be refunded to you when this closes in a short while.

    Maybe we'll rally however, let's hope so, all ideas as to how to do this gratefully received.




  • Great so far


    Kia ora tatou katoa, greetings and goodness be upon us all every one, 

    The Play Reading went well, thanks those who attended and gave such great feeedbck.

    "You really captured a time in history."

    "Looking forward to seeing this on stage."

    "Thank you," from a man most emphatic, he almost shouted in his enthusiasm.

    "Wondering why there's not more about the things we took and what went wrong?" 

    I answered that by saying, "We're all over 35 now and around about then you see you have more responsibilities in the world, if your brain cells are still intact. More to say than merely re-living mistakes and mishaps, oddities and over-doses."

    This play is about who we are now as much as recalling what we did then. Punk, we survived, how did we do this. What good was there and what happened next? 

    We borrowed money to pay for the Play Reading, over $2,000, however we planned this for people to see how the whole work-shopped, and edited play ran.

    This is so you'd want to support us, you see. Know what you're getting. Happy to show you the script too and costumes we've collected so far, (many from op shops or donations). 

    But we cannot go any further without donations from you, kind, clever people. 

    Your donations are needed to fund the Showcase and the Full Play later on in 2019.

    Also, to repay the loan for the Play Reading.

    Then too we must pay for the actors' rehearsal fees, (all day, four days, tweleve actors playing 23 characters, and a musician's costs as well), the costumes also need paying for, some need to be made, we also need to pay for painting the enornous backdrop, travel costs, advertising, and so much more.

    Any donation is fine, and if we do not make our target you get your donation refunded.

    Trust the arts to give us what we need, every day. Arts help us to survive, live better, be great.

    Donate then pop in and get one of our free sew on give aways, see the costumes, have a cuppa and a chat in Zine Hope, our arty lounge and showroom, 45 Ivanhoe Road ph 09 846 1757 to make a time. Thank you.  Hei konei ra.


    Great so far
  • Features the Lemons and Carrots Song



  • Prizes - dress up for our Play Reading 27 November


    Prizes - dress up for  our Play Reading 27 November