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Enjoy is a small artist-run gallery with big ambitions. One of Enjoy's major objectives is to provide the necessary critical support and resources so that artists can realise quality projects in dialogue with contemporary practice both nationally and internationally.

The types of resources that Enjoy produces include critical response essays for our exhibitions, catalogues for large group shows, micrograph publications with artists, short films of interviews with artists, and photographic documentation of all our events and shows. Most of these publications are produced by our Communications & Publications Manager, Meredith Crowe, using Enjoy's trusty Mac and a PDF writer.

Unfortunately the Mac has stopped being so trustworthy and has started to regularly crash mid-project. Frustrating, to say the least! Enjoy has a quick publication turn-around to match its monthly exhibition programme. In order for Meredith to continue to produce the wealth and quality of publications that she is able to do, the Enjoy Trust is fundraising for a replacement computer.

What we need:

The Trust will be purchasing a new Mac and publishing software to enable Meredith to keep doing what she's doing. We will also be investing in some new software to improve her desktop publishing abilities, so that Meredith can gain experience and some new skills. Enjoy is dedicated to nurturing and developing the skills of our employees and this is a chance to invest in Meredith's future in publishing.

Replacing the computer has also inspired a review of our other gadgets and how we use the limited office space available in the Gallery. We will set the old computer up at a new station for use by the Enjoy volunteers. Volunteers haven't had access to a computer in the past and this will mean that they can do more tasks for the Gallery. We will also be replacing the old scanner and printer with a combined machine, which takes up less space - and also (rather excitingly) prints on A3.

What we've raised:

Enjoy is generously funded by Creative New Zealand. However funds for capital items, like this computer, must be found from other sources. Half of the amount was raised through generous donations and support for our annual Buy Enjoy (see the fantastic catalogue for Buy Enjoy that Meredith made on our old Mac here).

This project is a great way for you to invest in the future of Enjoy and we greatly appreciate all donations.

About Meredith:

Meredith Crowe is the Communications & Publications Manager at Enjoy. She has recently completed her Masters of Design at Victoria University of Wellington where she still tutors one day per week, as well as practicing as a free-lance digital designer. She has exhibited interactive installation work at the Mary Newton Gallery and the Russian Frost Farmers Gallery as well as being involved with numerous exhibitions with Victoria University.


  • A Computer (& Printer & Software) for Meredith


    Someone is a very happy chappy thanks to all of the new technology that's appeared in our office!

    Meredith sends a "massive thank you" to everyone who donated. You've made a considerable impact on her ability to produce a varied range of quality of publications for Enjoy.

    Please sign up to the Enjoy mailing list to hear about upcoming exhibitions, events, videos and publications.

    And, finally, one last big... THANK YOU !!!

    A Computer (& Printer & Software) for Meredith
  • Thank You


    Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to the campaign, which is now in its final days.

    Our publishing programme has had a couple of new developments.  We have uploaded our second video to vimeo - an interview between Helen Calder and one of Enjoy's talented interns Lucy Ryan, about Helen's February/March show with us, Qualia 760-620λ.

    We also have a printed publication in the works.  'Sensum' will talk about Helen Calder's Qualia 760-620λ and our current show with Tom Mackie Open Facade.  We are due to launch this publication at Tom's Artist Talk on Friday, 11 April, 5:30pm.  We hope to see you there.

    We are overwhelmingly grateful to our community; from the roaring success of our Boosted campaign, to our volunteers and interns who donate their time and skills every week, and of course everyone who comes to see the work we show and follows us online.

    Thank you!

    Image credit:  Helen Calder, Qualia 760-620λ. Installation detail. Image courtesy of Clare Callaghan and Enjoy Gallery

    Thank You
  • Tom Mackie


    Wellington artist Tom Mackie explores the perceptual effect of colour, light and space.  Using coloured film, Mackie is going to transform the Enjoy Gallery windows into a medium for communication and the contemplation of material relationships.

    Please come and join us at Enjoy for the opening of Tom's exhibition Open Facade - Wednesday 19 March from 5.30pm.

    We hope to see you there!  Enjoy is located at Level 1, 147 Cuba Street.


    Tom Mackie
  • one hundred percent


    Thanks to the combined generosity of our 30 donors, we've reached our fundraising target on Boosted.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you - your support is greatly appreciated!

    If you have been planning on donating but haven't yet, we encourage you to do so! Any donations over our $1,500 target will allow us to use less from the contributions that were raised at our annual fundraiser, Buy Enjoy. This will mean that the Gallery can use its Buy Enjoy savings, which we have allocated to the computer, on our exhibition programme and other special projects instead.

    This week is the final week to see Helen Calder's Qualia 760-620λ, which closes on Saturday 15 March.

    Meredith has published our second venture into the world of video on Vimeo, with an interview between Helen Calder and Enjoy's Intern Lucy Ryan about Helen's current show Qualia 760-620λ.

    We hope to see you at Enjoy Public Art Gallery soon!


    Image courtesy of Clare Callaghan and Enjoy Gallery. Helen Calder, Qualia 760-620λ, 2014. Installation detail.

    one hundred percent
  • In-Press-ive


    Enjoy has been making a buzz in the press of late:

    The current exhibition Qualia 760-620λ, by Helen Calder, has been reviewed by Claire Mabey for EyeContact and Simon Gennard for Salient.

    We highly recommend that you come along and see the exhibition if you can - and you should!  The Culture Trip has rated Enjoy as one of Wellington's 10 "must see" contemporary art galleries.

    The smiling face of newly-appointed curator Emma Ng has also appeared in ArtZone (shown in this photo) and Capital Magazine.

    Also impressive (although not yet in the press) is that we're 92% funded on Boosted. Thank you for helping us to make this happen!

    We still have two weeks to go and we're boldly hoping to exceed our $1,500 target.

    Any donations over our $1,500 target will allow us to use less from the contributions we raised at our annual Buy Enjoy fundraiser.  This will mean that the Gallery can use its Buy Enjoy savings, which we have allocated to the computer, on our exhibition programme and other special projects instead.

    You can help us by encouraging others to check out our Boosted project.  The more buzz that we create the better - every little bit helps!

  • The Gleaner's Garden


    In order to test the software we are planning to buy, Meredith did a trial run and produced a video of the Enjoy Summer Residency exhibition, the Gleaner's Garden, by artists Xin Cheng and Kirsten Dryburgh.

    The video documents the final performance by Sascha Perfect, who is accompanied by an audioscape by Wellington musician Daniel Beban. Newly-appointed Enjoy curator Emma Ng interviews Xin and Kirsten.


    This video is the first to be published on the Enjoy Gallery Vimeo channel. The channel is a new initiative. Our intention is to document and extend the reach of our exhibition programme beyond the walls of the Cuba Street Gallery, and to archive the otherwise unseen - such as the Gleaner's Garden performance.

    Image Credit:  Installation view of the Gleaner's Garden, photo by Mark Wilson.

    The Gleaner's Garden
  • Three days live and 30% funded!


    With your generous support, we've already raised $460 towards a new computer for Enjoy. Thank you so much for donating to this campaign!

    Capital items, like this computer, are not always easy to fund. We really appreciate your contribution, as it means that we can continue to produce high-quality publications that support the artists who exhibit at the Gallery.

    Currently exhibiting is Helen Calder, with work that investigates how colour influences the way we interact with objects and spaces. Her use of red in Qualia 760-620λ draws from research which shows that the colour can raise the pulse and give the impression that time is passing faster than it really is.

    This exhibition is part of the 2014 New Zealand Festival.

    Please come and visit us at the Gallery, upstairs at 147 Cuba Street. We'd love to see you!

    Three days live and 30% funded!

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