Sa'id Milton

'82 And All That

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The angst of recession and social change that gripped New Zealand in the late 1970s came to a head around the 1981 Springbok rugby tour - New Zealanders argued, fought, and questioned their own identity. In the midst and aftermath of this unprecedented upheaval, the rugby-mad country came together for the most unlikely reason imaginable - "soccer."

With no international football tradition to speak of, the All Whites undertook the longest qualification path in World Cup history - an epic fifteen match journey facing hostile crowds, corrupt officials and seemingly impossible obstacles. By the end they had earned respect, bagged a couple of world records, united a fractured nation and took their place at world sport's biggest event.

This feature length documentary tells the All Whites' story as you've never seen it before.  Built around 25 original interviews, and utilising archive footage from around the globe, it brings to life an epic underdog story and shines a light on our little corner of the world during a seminal phase of our history.