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6 Degrees Festival

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Victoria University of Wellington's MFA (CP) Programme presents '6 Degrees' Festival'.

Opening in February 2019 at BATS Theatre, the season consists of 6 shows all led and created by Masters students at Victoria University.

From Shakespeare set in a drag club to a cabaret about hospitality; a marine biologist's biographical comedy to a play all about the dream world; you will not get a more diverse season.

The six shows are: Twelfth Night, The Dream, Order Up, Low-Level Panic, Thinking Dolphins and Why Are We Still Here?

The festival aims to introduce us as new emerging artists, demonstrating the knowledge and skills we have gained and are gaining throughout our degree. We came into the MFA programme with different levels of experience and are developing now as a collective, a team working together and supporting each other. We have encountered many hurdles along the way, but we are not at the finish line yet.

Your donations will go towards marketing the season and  promoting and sharing our works with the public. Without this money, our dreams and goals will not be possible - we are really looking for feedback and growth from the project, which will not happen without an audience. If we are lucky enough to receive this funding, all proceeds will be split evenly across each show on marketing, photography, and printing.

Help make yesterday's dreams tomorrow's realities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this campaign. Please donate!

Please find more information about the individual shows and the artists creating them at www.6degreesfestival.com