Niamh Gavaghan

46 Years Later

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Directed by Lealani Siaosi and produced by Niamh Gavaghan, "46 Years Later" explores the views and personal experiences of university student, Chris Tenesio, as a 20-year-old Samoan man living in New Zealand. His thoughts and stories will be shared and discussed with that of his Grandmother, Tauasu Vaeafe. A 78-year-old Samoan woman who migrated to New Zealand in the 60s, a decade before The Dawn Raids.

The purpose of our film is to bring to light the fact that while the Dawn Raids ended in the 80s, discrimination towards Pacific people continues to live and thrive in New Zealand. While people may not be forced to prove identification in the streets or have their houses raided at the crack of dawn, our current generation of brown brothers and sisters still fending off looks, comments and behaviours fueled by indifference.

The donations we receive will go towards petrol costs as well as lunch for our crew. We will also use the funds to provide koha's for those involved in telling this story.

We hope that discussion arises and beliefs are challenged while showcasing Pacific culture in all its beauty.