44th International Viola Congress Wellington

44th International Viola Congress

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"Sometimes musical instruments choose you. For an unexplainable reason, a particular sound draws you in. At some young age, you hear a certain instrument or see a musician play and it hits you with total clarity - that is my instrument. I knew it was the viola, and I was 6 years-old when it happened." - Christen Lien, composer and performing artist.


Over five days in September 2017, the 44th International Viola Congress will be hosted in Wellington, bringing together international and national artists, organisations and institutions through public recitals, lectures and masterclasses. The International Viola Congress aims to promote and encourage the development of new viola repertoire, new insights into existing repertoire, as well as viola-related research.

International Viola Congresses have been held annually since 1973, mostly in Europe and North America. They have assisted in promoting ever-increasing standards of excellence in viola performance and research. The first Congress in the Southern Hemisphere was held in Wellington in 2001, and since then Congresses have also been held in Africa and Australia.

From 1-5 September, 2017, the Congress will return to New Zealand, where the Australian New Zealand Viola Society (ANZVS) in collaboration with the International Viola Society and New Zealand School of Music Victoria University of Wellington will host the 44th International Viola Congress in Wellington. The funds collected from this Boosted campaign will go towards securing high quality concert venues, concert logistics, printing and advertising, general congress administration, providing access to events to the wider Wellington community and ensuring this Viola Congress will be of the highest quality in all respects.

We look forward to hosting the International Viola Congress in Wellington in 2017 and being able to bring international and local artists, organisations, and institutions together here for this five-day extravaganza of viola-filled activities. We hope you are able to participate in this campaign and look forward to seeing you during the 44th IVC from 1-5 September, 2017!


  • Memories from Congresses past!


    Our Congress Co-Chair, Prof Donald Maurice shares one of his memories from the 2001 International Viola Congress:

    “Following on from a stirring and memorable Powhiri (a Maori welcome), swarms of violists, emerged from the National War Memorial to the accompaniment of the imposing Carillon Bell Tower, wended their way up to the even more imposing Dominion Museum Building, while improvising on a theme supplied to them by Carillonist, Timothy Hurd.

    This is the stuff of Kiwi International Viola Congresses!”

    Thank you to those who have shared and supported this fundraising campaign thus far! We are overwhelmed by the support shown towards our funding project. In just a couple of weeks, we have raised 60% of our funding goal!

    It is support like yours that will help make the 44th International Viola Congress a success this year. Be sure to check out Facebook and website for more details!

    Memories from Congresses past!