mat enright

365 gigs in 365 days

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I'm a musician on a mission to do 365 Solo gigs in 365 days, Including a comprehensive tour of NZ, and I am looking to gather support for my goal. I'm over a month in and I'm ahead of schedule. (37 days in, 42 gigs done)

I play guitar and sing blues, folk, rock'n'roll, and other styles, have 50 original tunes, and have been a prolific member of the Wellington music scene for a few years, and went fulltime as a musician 2 years ago.

I am most known for playing trumpet, singing, and percussion in Newtown Rocksteady, Roseneath Centennial Ragtime Band, Battleska Galactica, and many other bands, and now I'm on the mission of a lifetime, and I need your support.

My latest press is below, and website, blog, and facebook:


  • What the money will be used for


    Funds raised will go towards recording a before and after album, mixing, mastering, and production.

  • Videos!


    heres some videos of a live to air. bit rough but will improve.