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For the first time ever in Palmerston North, SpontaneoUS has the opportunity to host the 2018 National Improv Champs: an alternative, fun, fast-paced art form, where everything is made up on the spot.

World class improvisors, the best of the best NZ has to offer, will be performing in Manawatu generating fast, fresh comedy in an event nothing like Palmerston North has ever seen before. We have no idea when we will get the chance to host an event like this again and we need some help to host the greatest event possible.

No script. All class.

The National Theatresports Championships are held annually to determine a National Champ in professional theatresports. This is the first year that Palmerston North has the opportunity to host the awards where we will see the best of the National teams converge on the Manawatu stage to battle out for the top title. Eight of the best Improv troupes from around New Zealand (Auck/PN/Wgn/Nelson/Chch/Dunedin) will compete in heats leading to the grand finale. Three teams will compete in the Grand Final to reveal the 2018 National Champion.

We need to raise a further $2200 to cover the real costs of hosting the event. This includes feeding our guests, casts and crew something other than Weet-Bix, making sure they don't all have to sleep on the same couch and ensuring that our venue, lights and presentation looks as brilliant as possible.

We are used to making things up on the night, but this event has required a lot more planning and preparation than we are used to. Leona has been securing funding from the local council and Alan has been chasing down sponsors in the street, but we are still short of our goal.

We want this to be the best event possible and to showcase that Palmerston North is so much more than 'Ducks in the Square'. Palmy has always had a fantastic artistic scene and we want to showcase the best Palmy has to offer on a national stage.

We will also be hosting workshops open to the public, for local up-and-coming Improvisors to learn and strengthen their skills, and for the best Improvisors in NZ to pass on their passion and craft to the next generation.

Centrepoint Theatre have offered to host the event, giving us access to venues for the heats, finals and workshops, which is amazing.

Daniel Pengally is the Artistic Director at Centrepoint Theatre. Hailing from The Court Theatre in Christchurch where he was Associate Director, Dan was a member of Scared Scriptless and has a MTA in directing from Toi Whakaaari:NZ Drama School.

Kate Louise Elliott is the GM of Centrepoint Theatre, with over 25 experience in professional performing arts.

The SpontaneoUS Improv troupe (current National Champions) - Leona Revell, Ryan Knighton, Alan Dingley - and all the other faces you know and love from the monthly show will be there to defend the title!

Plus all of NZ's professional improv troupe are performing and being judged by world class improv judges (Stand by for announcements!) The pressure is on.

Everything is coming together for the 13th-16th of June but we need that last little bit of help from you to get us over the line. We would love to see you at the show so we can thank you in person. Get your tickets to the show! Don't miss out!

You can book here: http://centrepoint.co.nz/shows/national-theatresports-champs
Come along for the best improvisation New Zealand has to offer.

NZ income earners qualify for a 33% tax credit on their donations from the IRD. The Arts Foundation will email a receipt after the campaign closes.

Thank you for your support!