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New Zealand is alive with dance, even our most famous sports people dance (and millions watch). From small community groups to the world stages, kiwis are dancing.

DANZ is deeply committed to empowering people to create and present dance. New Zealand has a rich history of dance and a strong and developing dance community.

Over the last 20 years DANZ has produced a magazine that captures and celebrates the unique voice of dance, informs readers on current trends and practice and preserves this dynamic art form for future generations. DANZ Quarterly is an important national treasure. It is the most thorough and in depth archive of dance in New Zealand.

To celebrate DANZ's 20th year anniversary we are producing a special one off edition of DANZ Quarterly. We are acknowledging 20 years of New Zealand dance history. There will be contributions from each of the dance genres, profiles of key personalities, and a detailed visual record.

Dance is for everyone. Be part of this 20th anniversary edition of DANZ Quarterly and help us produce this unique record of dance in New Zealand.

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    Wow....the support keeps coming!

    We have exceeded our target by $520 and are now 115% funded thanks to generous donations from the International Dance Teachers' Association (IDTA) and Touch Compass Dance Trust. Issue 9 (see below) featured a story about Touch Compass' 10 anniversary - how wonderful to see them grow with DANZ and become such an important part of NZ's dance community.

    Thank you all so much....this is incredible and it has got us up and dancing in the DANZ office! Because of the generosity of all our donors, this 20th anniversary edition is going to be even more amazing than what we first thought it would be. Every donation has made a huge difference!

    The extra boost to our project will go towards those 'nice to haves' which we have put away in our 'B' budget. The support for this project has been fantastic and with 2 days to go perhaps we don't have to do this on the smell of an oily rag!

    You are all wonderful....thanks again!!!!!




    Christmas has come early thanks to the generosity of all our donors. especially those of you who donated early in our campaign to get us started.

    The momentum has been building this week with donations streaming in from April Henderson, Dolina Wehipeihana, Merenia Gray, Jacqui Cesan, Jo Thorpe, Lisa Wilkinson, Janet Colson, Pip Byrne and Jenny Stevenson.

    This mornings donation from Brett Goebel has got us to our target 3 days early. DANZ Quarterly Issue 22 featured an article about Parris Goebel 'Taking NZ Hip Hop to the Top of the World', (see image below). Two years later Parris has well and truly achieved this. This is just one of many success stories of dance people/organisations we have featured in DANZ Quarterly and we look forward to telling many more stories of dance in Aotearoa New Zealand.

    We will now proceed on working hard to make this special anniversary edition the very best that it can be. Please continue to send in your images and contributions for this issue to We will be in touch with progress and ways in which you can be involved in this issue.

    Thanks again - the support from each and everyone of you means the world to us and has shown us that dance is indeed for everyone!



    We have had an amazing response these past couple of days. Look how close we are now - with just 4 days to go we are 88% funded and only need another $410.

    Thank you all for your generous donations so far. Our project has attracted the top number of donors across all the projects on the Boosted website. This really shows a fantastic level of support by the community to help DANZ celebrate 20 years of dance in Aotearoa New Zealand. This has shown us that dance is truly for everyone!

    We can't wait to make a start on this special 20th anniversary edition. Keep those images and quotes coming in and please share this link one final time to all your networks!


  • Less than $1000 to go now!


    Wow....with a $100 donation from Bev Edlin - Chairperson of the DANZ Board and Director of Boardroom 360, we have less than $1000 to go! How wonderful to have support for this project from our Chair, plus other Board members - Perry Walker and Clare Needham who have previously donated to our project.

    This special issue is fast becoming a reality and it starts this weekend with a meeting with Francesca Horsley (Editor) and Michelle Stoupe (Designer).

    Thanks for all the ideas/suggestions received to date and keep those donations coming in by sharing this link far and wide!



    Through a generous offer of print sponsorship for this project from Thames Publications, together with in kind support by key people involved in the production of this special 20th Anniversary edition, DANZ is pleased to announce a reduction in our Boosted funding target - to just $3500.

    Thames have been DANZ's printer of choice frot he past 7 years, and have worked with us to produce 4 stunning issues of DANZ Quarterly each year - as well as meeting all our other print requirements. Ross Curd and the Thames team are passionate supporters of the arts, especially dance, in Wellington.

    This is amazing news and reflectst the extraordinary level of goodwill and support associated with production of the magazine and the desire of the dance community to support it. This has given our campaign a massive boost and at 69%, we now only need an additional $1095 for this project to proceed.

    We are so close now. Please give this project a final push to get us over the line by sharing this link or making another donation.

    Thank you all so much for getting us this far!



    With the extraordinary support of all our donors we have reached 33% of our target. Thanks so much for helping us to get this far.

    With 9 days or our campaign remaining, we are grateful to FRESCO who have just generously donated $100 to our project. This takes our total to $2295, and we are hopeful this will create some added momentum to get us over the line.

    DANZ is delighted to announce a partnership with FRESCO to redevelop our website. Through their generous support, we will receive a new website that suits the needs of DANZ and the dance community we serve - not only today, but well into the future.

    DANZ will also be working with FRESCO to refresh our brand and visual identity. This, together with the new website, a special 20th Anniversary edition of DANZ Quarterly, will provide the perfect launching pad for us to enter our 3rd decade of supporting and promoting dance in Aotearoa New Zealand with great confidence.

    Now is the time to rally the corps, so if you have not shared this link to your network, please do so now. Even if you have already, we would appreciate your doing so again - a gentle reminder could make all the difference in helping us reach our target.

    Thanks again for your support!

  • Be part of it!


    New Zealand has a rich history of dance and a strong and developing dance community. DANZ is deeply committed to empowering people to create and present dance. Dance is for everyone and DANZ would like you to be part of this 20th anniversary edition of DANZ Quarterly. Help us make this a unique record of dance in New Zealand by emailing the following details to by 15 July 2013.

    Photographic image(s) of a dance event(s) or activity from the past 20 years. (ie. 1982-2012)

    For each image please supply:
    Event details (what, when, where it was held)
    Photo credit (name of photographer, people/groups in photo)

    Images must be high resolution, suitable for print in magazine – eg. A4 size at a minimum of 150dpi, or A5 size at 300dpi. Images from the web are not of a high enough resolution to print.

    Quote(s) that reflect what DANZ/dance has meant to you and/or the impact on your life/organisation. (maximum of 20 words). For each quote please supply name and organisation (if applicable).

    DANZ Quarterly Editorial Committee reserves the right to select the images and quotes that will be included in the magazine. Decisions will be final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

    We are very grateful for the donations that we have received towards our project to date. If you have not donated please do so now. It’s not too late and every donation counts are tax deductible! Please also share this link with your networks.

    Thanks for your support and we look forward to receiving your images and quotes!

  • We are counting down the days!


    Thanks to everybody who has donated so far. Due to an amazing level of in kind support for this project, work has started on producing this special anniversary edition. We are so excited to be taking the first steps towards celebrating this significant milestone for DANZ and dance in Aotearoa NZ!

    This was the front cover of our very first issue of DANZ Quarterly. We hope this brings back some great memories for some of you. What would you like to see on the front cover of the anniversary edition? Please email your ideas to - we would love to hear from you!

    It's great to have reached 28% of our fundraising target, but we now need your help to get us over the line. Please share this email with your network of family, friends, colleagues and anybody that has in interest in or loves dance and ask them to donate to this very worthwhile project.

    We are counting down the days and have just 12 days to reach our target - every donation whether it be $5 or $500 will be a great help. And remember - all donations are tax deductible!  

    We are counting down the days!
  • Community Boost for DANZ Quarterly


    We are so excited to have broken the $1500 barrier. Thank you to Jaguar NZ and Radio Active for your support of our project. Tune in to Radio Active 88.6FM, who will be promoting our project on air in the next few weeks.

    Thanks to all our donors so far.....please share the link to our project page to all your family and friends. We have 32 days left to go to reach our target.

    One of our most recent donors - Lyne Pringle, has a long standing relationship with DANZ as a past staff member, mentor, DANZ Quarterly reviewer and LEOTC tutor. Lyne is also a talented choreographer and dancer. Her show 'Lily' featured on the front cover of Issue 23.


    Community Boost for DANZ Quarterly
  • Amendment to project update on 12 April


    An article on Mary-Jane O'Reilly's unique take on burlesque also featured in Issue 24 of DANZ Quarterly - thanks Mary-Jane for your donation!

  • Past contributors to DANZ Q giving us BOOST


    Slow and steady progress at the end of Week 4 of our project. Its great to see such a diverse range of dance and arts support donate to our project - THANKS SO MUCH! As we have delved into the past 20 years to prepare for this project, we have been blown away by the sheer numbers and diversity of dance people who have featured in DANZ Q and its been wonderful to see donations come in from our past contributors to DANZ Quarterly - thanks to: Crowsfeet Dance Collective - article in Issue 16 Carol Brown - article in Issue 27 Deirdre Tarrant - article in Issue 29 Thanks again and we keep the support coming!

    Past contributors to DANZ Q giving us BOOST


    We are on our way so thanks to everybody that has donated so far to our project. We have some way to go yet so please spread the word to your networks of contacts. Our first issue of DANZ Quarterly for 2013 was published last week. With articles on Sugapop's recent visit to Wellington, profiles on Ross McCormack, Andrew Simmons, Javier de Frutos, together with Jack Gray's recent adventures in New Mexico and all about Boosted, it is a great read! Please feel free to drop into either the Wellington office (69 Abel Smith Street), or Auckland office (147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn). Copies of this latest issue are available to read, together with previous issues, or we would just love the opportunity to catch up for a chat.