Sherry Grant

100 Years Journey 1919 to 2019 Viola and Chamber Concert Tour

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"100 Years Journey: 1919-2019" is a series of 6 concerts performed by APO principal violist Robert Ashworth, pianist Sherry Grant and Wellington cellist Inbal Megiddo to celebrate 5 great people in history with new commissioned compositions by mostly NZ composers. This Auckland/Wellington October concert series is dedicated to the memory of John Ure (1952-2019), musician, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra founding member and manager. We would like to fundraise not only to cover basic domestic concert tour costs, but also to set up a new scholarship program, inspired by John Ure, for young aspiring NZ arts managers and administrators.

In the three sets of different concert programmes, you can hear many sonatas from the great solo viola repertoire and also several new works written in 2019 for this concert series dedicated to Sir Edmund Hillary (1919-2008), Colin McCahon (1919-1987), John Ure (1952-2019), Anner Bylsma (1934-2019) and Toni Morrison (1931-2019).

The concerts take place between 6-27 October 2019, in Auckland (6 Oct Howick, 19 Oct Remuera, 27 Oct Takapuna), and Wellington (10/12 Oct Adam Concert Room, 11 Oct St Andrews on the Terrace). On the programme you can find old music by Bach, Schumann, Brahms, and contemporary sonatas by Shostakovich, Rebecca Clarke (1919), Hindemith (1919), and Bloch Suite (1919). New commissioned pieces for this project include world premiere of Matthias Hutter's "Nocturne oublié" (Germany), Ben Fernandez's "Summit", Carvin Knowles' "The Diabolical Ghost", David Hamilton's "Wairere" (Waterfall), and a piece composed for an earlier May festival project Chris Artley's "An Anzac Reflection" in memory of NZ Soldiers during WWI.

Violist Robert Ashworth will also be teaching a free viola masterclass and another free cello masterclass in Wellington on 11 October morning and afternoon.

More details can be found following the links below.

6 October Howick Concert Live Excerpt (recorded by audio engineer Franco Viganoni):

Sherry's recent project War and Peace Arts and Music Festival (23-31 May 2019)

RNZ Concert Upbeat Interview (Sherry Grant and Milan Milisavljević, principal violist from Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in New York)