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NZ Musician Website Redevelopment

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NZ Musician is about to embark on its most important re-invention yet - the development of an exciting future online presence along with an easily accessible archive of the magazine's past. This is a big project for a FREE local music magazine, daunting but truly exciting in the possibilities it will open up.


Our website first went online in the mid 1990s and there have been several iterations of our popular website in the two decades since. With the last major site build we uploaded most of NZM's artist features and wider industry news dating back to 2000, a huge and ever-growing archive that provides an invaluable narrative for anyone researching any aspect of our local popular music industry.

After close on three decades in print, and two decades online, we plan to completely re-shape, re-design and re-invent in a way that will propel it (and NZ Musician) into the future. We're hugely excited to get on with it but we really need your help…


We're hoping that between NZM's regular readers, the many bands and artists who've enjoyed coverage in the magazine and website, the record labels, managers, publicists, researchers, publishers, instrument retailers, studios - and all the others who enjoy and make use of - we can crowdfund a fantastic new site, and look forward to many more years providing local musicians with a meaningful hand up.


With the freedom and flexibility of our planned new website NZM is heading to an online presence that will provide an enhanced, responsive version of the support for budding and established local musicians it always has. Information, artist features, industry news, interviews, reviews, opinions, music, videos, education, tools, directories, podcasts, apps, blogs, discussions, playlists…


It's going to cost upwards of $20,000 to achieve the kind of presentation and future-proofed archive that we aspire to for all that good stuff. Our Boosted crowdfunding goal is just $10,000.

We have plenty of ideas on how to make NZ music shine brighter online! Right now we just need your help to work on it together…



  • Fantastic. We’ve (you’ve!) cracked it!


    High fives all round! Thanks Boosted, thank you good pledger-people. With three days still to go we have just charged past the 100% point. Mission accomplished (if that term hasn’t lost all merit).

    With the help of 140 kindly individuals and businesses, including some repeat offenders, NZM’s Boosted campaign can be officially termed a success. And the great news is that we now have the chance to ride this bus a bit further – and maybe extend that total closer to what the new will actually cost.

    If you haven’t pledged yet and want to join in the fun – we’re certainly enjoying it now – the deadline to help out with funding NZM’s new website is Sunday, May 29.

    Any contribution you make to our Boosted campaign before midnight on Sunday will be well used.

    The $10,000 target set and achieved covered less than half the total costs of this project, so we would welcome just as enthusiastically any more pledges that we receive before the close of play. Brilliant.

    Fantastic. We’ve (you’ve!) cracked it!
  • Down To The Last Quarter!


    75% – yesss. It sure sounds and feels a lot warmer than 5%, 25% or any of the other numeric milestones we’ve slipped past so far. With the help of some really generous weekend pledgers, NZM’s Boosted campaign has now passed the three-quarters point of its $10,000 funding quest.
    And that leaves only another $2500 to be found before about this time next week! Of course we absolutely do need to reach that $10,000 target by the end of NZ Music Month or it all goes back to those who have so kindly promised their support to date.

    Congratulations to Liam Rolfe and any others who helped put on the brilliant Auckland’s Own gig at Galatos on Saturday May 21. It was a regular performance feast and a great night of great music, all round. Special NZM thanks to those bands who gave our Boosted campaign a prop from the stage, as well of course, those in the audience who dropped some love into our Boosted buckets.

    So, one week to go folks. We’re now counting the hours along with the pledges!

    Down To The Last Quarter!
  • Two Thirds Done, One To Go!


    With the help of a big Wednesday NZM’s five week Boosted campaign has nosed past the two-thirds mark of its $10,000 funding quest. Thank you to those kind and generous pledgers for getting us to the point where it is starting to look like a downhill run from here.

    Of course there remains another third to be found, and now there is a growing sense of urgency as we absolutely need to reach that $10,000 target by the end of NZ Music Month. 10 days and counting!

    On Saturday evening (May 21) we’ll be celebrating NZ Music Month and ‘shaking the Boosted bucket’ in person at the brilliant Auckland’s Own gig. It’s happening on multiple stages at Galatos from about 8pm, and the line up is ridiculously rich with numerous bands NZM has been backing since they were ‘Fresh Talents’. It would be great to see you there. You’ll find more details on the event here.

    It’s been extremely heartening to receive support from some great folk who themselves struggle to earn a decent living from our local music scene. It’s also fantastic to get pledges from supporters we don’t know at all, and we are most grateful for the very helpful nudge given our current total by NZ Rockshops. Thanks all.

    Fewer than 100 pledges have got our Boosted campaign to this point, and we’d be more than happy if it takes 900 more, or just 50 more, to carry us the distance. Just please do it inside of the next 10 days!

    Two Thirds Done, One To Go!
  • Fantastic Friday News!


    We are now officially a fortnight into NZM’s five week Boosted campaign and have just crossed the 40% threshold.

    That is just great stuff and we have 50 very generous and kind pledgers to thank for getting us this far this fast.

    Thanks all of you for your 50 shades of errm, giving.

    Of course that leaves 60% more to be achieved, but your supportive comments as well as pledging generosity give us a good sense that we will make that $10,000 target by the end of NZ Music Month.

    As the pledges drip in we have found that we get as much of a kick out of the personal and small amounts as the larger ones, but we do need to acknowledge Warner Music NZ for really getting our campaign underway with a most impressive 10% boost in the very first week. Nice.

    In the background our website developers have been chipping away at the new site and it is shaping up a bit like a Damien Hirst sculpture – sharp, tactile, colourful and amazing.

    Fantastic Friday News!