Tidelines: Presented by Boosted & Waterfront Auckland

POSTED: 17/10/2014

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Waterfront Auckland and Boosted are working together to present a series of temporary installations at a range of 'unmined areas' on the Auckland Waterfront.

The new initiative is set to transform the city's waterfront this summer and in the process, provide a tangible illustration of the value of crowdfunding.

The programme, entitled Tidelines, will take place in the Wynyard Quarter on the Auckland waterfront from later this month, and will feature the work of six hand-picked New Zealand artists.

Announcement of the partnership with Waterfront Auckland comes just one week after the Arts Foundation and Boosted announced Westpac as their new Major Sponsor.

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The series of installations are the product of collaboration between Waterfront Auckland and Boosted, on behalf of the Arts Foundation, that supports Waterfront Auckland's goals of creating authentic waterfront spaces for people and celebrating design excellence while also providing a high profile space for young and upcoming artists to exhibit their work to a wider market. Curator Jaenine Parkinson has selected the artists to be featured, in collaboration with Arts Foundation Laureate, Megan Wraight, who was one of the lead designers responsible for the transformation of the Wynyard Quarter from a former industrial space to vibrant public spaces inspired by the areas working waterfront heritage.

Parkinson says, "We sought out local artists creating captivating work that we knew could engage with the stories, issues, people and environment of the waterfront. With projects lasting from one day to many weeks using materials as diverse as ice and paint Tidelines will reward the curious who seek out or stumble upon these artworks as they surface."

Wynyard Quarter has won a number of national and international accolades, including most recently The Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize at the International Biennial of Landscape Architecture at Barcelona last month.

Wraight has advised artists on the history of the area and is providing valuable guidance on where the works can be presented, "This is a very unique location that is perfectly positioned to showcase a variety of art works. We're very excited about the programme and can't wait for it to come to life". 

To fund the programme Waterfront Auckland has generously offered each artist a $600 'match donation' in order to create their work. Artists will then enlist the support of Boosted, the Arts Foundation of New Zealand's arts fundraising platform, to match the donation through crowdfunding.

Waterfront Auckland's Place Manager Frith Walker says it's delighted to host the Tidelines programme this summer.

"The Tidelines initiative is a perfect complement to our place programme that activates the area and taps into that sense of curiosity and discovery that we want visitors to Wynyard Quarter to experience."

"We're also delighted to be able to support a community outreach initiative that empowers artists with the funding aspects of their industry that will ensure they can go on creating works that can delight more people in the future."Boosted Manager, Mark Michel says, "Matched donations allow funders to extend the reach of their support by asking artists to also activate their own networks. The relationship with Waterfront Auckland presents artists with valuable financial support, while also extending their work to a wider audience."

Matched funding is relatively new in New Zealand with Boosted being the first crowdfunding platform to launch the functionality, "These partnerships represent an excellent opportunity for artists and organisations alike to share in their ambitions and extend the work of artists to an increasingly engaged audience" says Michel.

Artists with work featured in the Tidelines programme include Brydee Rood, Elliot Collins, Kelsey Stankovich, John Vea, Veronica Herber, Dieneke Jansen and Jenny Gillam.

Collins, Vea and Stankovich will be launching their Boosted projects online tonight following a launch event at Silo Park. Members of the public are encouraged to donate to complete the funding of theTidelinesprogramme. Waterfront Auckland will match all donations dollar for dollar up to a $600 commitment per project.


Tidelines Projects:

A Warm Breeze Blowing - Brydee Rood

Brydee Rood's project for Tidelines is a response to climate issues, rising tides; from melting ice caps, to changing weather patterns and New Zealand's fading commitments to The Kyoto Protocol Treaty. Set in the dusky hours of fading afternoon light through to sunset A Warm Breeze Blowing will take place on a stepped terrace, where the land meets the sea, on the edge of Silo Park. Brydee will layer and unfold a site specific installation (come rain or shine) - a sacred offering of melting ice sourced from the local fish markets, gold and silver survival blanket flags, flowers, incense and candles set into sheltered niches.

Tidelines -Brydee -Rood -A-War 

Tracks - Veronica Herber

Veronica's temporary installation for Tidelines will begin with the repetition of a simple formula: visitors to Wynard Quarter are invited at random to be followed as they as they walk around North Wharf, making their way over and along the exposed train tracks that run from Silo Park past the Viaduct Events Centre. Each of their steps is transcribed into a unique patterned sequence using Washi masking tape.

Every footstep they take is traced, leaving a trail of shapes that map their interaction with the site.

Tidelines -Veronica

My Heart is an Anchor - Elliot Collins

This temporary wall painting aims to awaken an old, grey and unloved part of the Wynyard Quarter before its planned rejuvenation as part of the ongoing developments in the precinct.

The text - MY HEART IS AN ANCHOR, THEN LEAVE IT BEHIND - references a piece of dialogue from 'Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes', a play by American author Tony Kushner. These words fold into the painting themes of communication across the water, of travel and of lovers. The fractured but coupled phrasing allows a gap for individual interpretation and imagination to step in.

Tidelines ---Elliot

Enigmatic Art Objects - Kelsey Stankovich

Kelsey wants to populate the urban environment of Wynard Quarter with sculptural surprises that play with texture, colour and form. Her art objects will result from experiments with materials and then sit quietly in the spaces they come to inhabit.

The collection of sculptures will be placed in and around seating and planting areas of Silo Park - ripe for chance encounters with passers-by. As art object enigmas they will be indefinable and elusive, puzzling rather than obvious.

Tidelines ---Kelsey

Cultivate - John Vea

John's art making begins with talanoa (conversations) he gathers from migrant and minority groups and their experiences with dominant and authoritative social structures.

He wants to make the overlooked realities of everyday people visible through his art and offer a sometimes humorous and possibly powerful symbolic counterpoint to Western perspectives.

Tidelines ---John

FIXED for good - Dieneke Jansen & Jenny Gilliam

FIXED for good is a collaborative project developed specifically for Tidelines. It is a continuation of Dieneke Jansen & Jenny Gilliam's shared interest in contemporary ecological issues, specifically the nuances of urban public space development and the growing desire for 'greening' shared social spaces.

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