Image for Empire cards

Vincent and Luke Egan

We want to create the first Māori trading card game but we need your help. Get ready to defend your pa from any would-be invaders!

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Image for Moneyland

Michael Botur

Help me publish 'Moneyland,' an awesome young adult novel.

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Image for Reflect Reveal Reach Out Heal

Anne Ho

A poetry project to help those who have experiences of mental illness, to counter stigmatisation and help artists to have their work acknowledged.

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Image for SIN - a memoir

James Mahoney

A memoir about the years when Terry Clark and the Mr Asia gang flooded New Zealand with heroin.

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Faith Wilson

I Love Dick! I also love Chris Kraus who wrote that book. I also love writing + art and they're all gonna be in Canada at a residency that I got into! Send me!

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Image for Not like You Said it Would Be

Lisa Scott

Not Like You Said It Would Be is a work of fiction set in Port Chalmers and Purakaunui. It's about losing yourself at the end of love.

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Image for A Story To Tell

Chessie Henry

I have a project I'm super excited about, but what I really need is time to work on it. Please help me live while I write!

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Image for National Schools Poetry Award

International Institute of Modern Letters

This campaign is about reviving the National Schools Poetry Award, the only national poetry competition for high school students in Aotearoa.

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Image for Dead Cert -  Stories from Thames, Paeroa and Waihi cemeteries.

Meghan Hawkes

I have a completed book of the tales that lie behind the headstones in Thames and districts cemeteries. They are a collection of my columns which were published in the Peninsula Press, Thames, and were very popular. The book is in PDF format ready to print, the cover designed and it has an ISBN number and barcode. All the hard yards are done but I have found obtaining after-funding for a project difficult. I need to raise funds to cover the initial printing cost only. Once selling, I will be able to fund further print runs. I have loved documenting the lives and deaths of the district’s early settlers. It is privilege to give readable, interesting history back to the area and with your help I can continue.

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Image for Dear Mother Basillise

Hinemoana Baker

Kia ora! I'm a poet and teacher of creative writing in Wellington. The new book I'm writing tells two haunting family stories: my father's time spent as a child in a Catholic orphanage in Nelson, and my own story of trying to become a parent and experiencing infertility. It's about what it means to lose a parent, to be a parent, and to lose the opportunity to have children of your own. On a wider level it's about me connecting with my father through our shared experiences of grief. For the last year I have been Creative New Zealand Victoria University Writer in Residence in Wellington. I've researched and written 40,000 words of a new book, 'Dear Mother Basillise'. I need one more year of writing and researching full time to take my book to the point where I can submit it to my publisher. I'm asking my 'Boosted' supporters to help me with the first six months of that.

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Image for Headland: Literary Frontiers and Emerging Voices

Liesl Nunns

New Zealand writers are among the best in the world. And digital journals have turned bus rides, coffee queues, and sleepless nights into some of our favourite activities. We want to use this popular format to showcase New Zealand’s remarkable literary talent—and to foster new talent. Headland will give voice to aspiring writers alongside more established authors, making the prospect of first-time publication less daunting. With issues hitting your Kindle from January 2015, Headland will keep readers at the literary frontier.

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