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Loading Docs is a unique New Zealand documentary initiative that aims to captivate and inspire audiences as well as develop and promote New Zealand filmmaking talent. Since launching in 2014 Loading Docs has touched audiences all over the world. Our films have been seen online, on TV, in film festivals... even on airplanes!

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Andrew Moore is a former 1970’s New Zealand junior skateboarding champ who grew up in Birkenhead on Auckland’s North Shore. His background includes a series of underground skateboarding videos and fanzines released in the early 90’s under the ‘Yeah Bo’ banner.

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WENDELL COOKE is a Wellington based film maker with a Master of Arts in Screenwriting. JEREMY MACEY is a Wellington based producer whose work includes the feature Hook, Line and Sinker (2011), and short films I'm Going To Mum's (Berlinale 2013) and Loner.

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