Cynthia Smith

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Image for A landscape with too few lovers

McCahon House Trust

With your support we can continue to inspire a new generation of artists with the heritage of New Zealand’s foremost 20th Century painter.

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McCahon House Trust

This summer we want to make our resources more accessible to a broader segment of the community. This includes initiatives for our deaf community.

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Image for The Motherf-ker with the Hat

Elise Sterback

Help us bring Motherf**ker to the streets - we want to put up A0 posters all over Auckland featuring the poetic profanities of this beautiful play's title.

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Image for Swell

Te Uru

Our project is SWELL: the art of Judy Millar, a pop-up book for children. Actually, we are creating an artwork for children that is a pop-up art book! We hope it will be the first art work/art book in many children’s lives.

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Image for Tracks - Tidelines Project

Veronica Herber

Tracks temporarily picks out a small sample of the many multitudes of footsteps that have fallen along the historic wharf over time.

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