Catherine Swallow

Catherine is a puppeteer and storyteller most well known for her work with Just Giraffe Theatre, who perform regularly for family audiences in Wellington and throughout New Zealand. She has worked extensively with Capital E for children and in 2012 completed an MA in theatre from Victoria University of Wellingon, examining aesthetic distance in theatre for children. Her recent theatre work includes The Kitchen at The End of The World (Steffen Kreft and William Connor), Madame Blavatsky and the Astral Light (NZ Fringe 2013) and Anthony and Cleopatra (Summer Shakespeare Wellington 2013, production manager). She currently resides in Sydney, Australia.

Catherine Swallow has helped fund

Image for Digital Cinema for the Isaac Theatre Royal

New Zealand International Film Festival

Equip the Isaac Theatre Royal with Digital Cinema Projection facilities to create a multi-purpose venue and provide a home for the NZFF.

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Capital E

We want NZ children to experience award-winning arts from around the world and home that has been made especially for them. Our campaign is to make this Festival accessible for all. Transport costs for schools is often an obstacle for participating – donating $5 puts a child on a bus.

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