Grace Hood-Edwards

Grace Hood-Edwards is a writer, director, actor, and editor with a BA (Hons) in Screen Production and English from the University of Auckland. She has produced a select number of short films and theatrical productions. She works as a freelance writer and has previous experience as an intern for Show Me Shorts and as a sub-editor for two literary magazines.

Grace is passionate about bringing stories to life through film and theatre, and is invested in diversity and minority perspectives. She is currently completing a Masters in Directing Drama and working at a media production company.

Grace Hood-Edwards has helped fund

Image for Fleshies

Alice Kirker

Fleshies is a celebration of all bodies. A call to action. A casting aside of the boxes in which we have been put based purely on the way we look.

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Image for SIXTEEN

Nahyeon Lee

Sixteen is a coming-of-age short film about Korean-New Zealand teenager Yaejin, her first love with the charming Wes, and coming to terms with her fantasies of

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Image for Read My Lips

Embers Collective

Read My Lips is a new devised show that will be on at the basement theatre July 16th - 27th.

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Image for Courage

katia collins

We all need a touch of magic in our lives. For Amanda, it's the difference between giving up and living her wildest dream.

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Image for Triple Scoop

Ruby Harris

Triple Scoop is a cheeky short film following two best friends making money after school by stealing neighbours flowers and selling them back to them.

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Image for ANIMAL

Harriett Maire

Help us put on ANIMAL at the Basement Theatre! Adapted from Orwell’s Animal Farm, exploring cycles of oppression & marginisaliton in Aõtearoa with a cast of 22.

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