Flying Fish

We are more than just film makers.

We are storytellers, visionaries, innovators, collaborators, visual content creators. For any screen, any format, every channel.

We represent directors from New Zealand, Australia and Europe and work with some of the best creative agencies around the world.

Established 30 years ago, Fish continues to create a wide range of high level, entertaining and engaging moving footage across all platforms. We are a fully fledged production company and a one stop shop, with our Post facility 'mandyVFX' and 200m2, 3-Wall Cyc Studio all in-house, ensuring the process from start to finish is seamless. People enjoy working with the Fish family which we're very proud of, it is a testament to the top-notch work we produce.

Flying Fish has helped fund

Image for She Speeds

Morgan Leigh Stewart

In the exhilarating world of dirt track racing, stock car driver Brooke does what she loves: races.

204% $4,091.00 OF
Image for A Hole

James Solomon & Lissandra Leite

A man digs a hole. People watch him do it.

100% $8,050.00 OF
Image for Birds Eye

Morgan Leigh Stewart

A skater girl with no formal education uses her tech smarts to claim her place as one of the top aerial photographers in the world.

129% $3,225.00 OF