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A publicity and digital marketing consultancy for independent films. Film Sprites PR has worked with filmmakers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for four years.

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Film Sprites PR has helped fund

Image for Milk

Punakaiki Productions

New Zealand, 1945: A war-widow confronts two crewmen from a German U-boat who have come ashore on a secret mission: to get fresh milk.

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Image for Hey Brainy Man

Electric Shoelace Productions

Jo Randerson and Loren Taylor are making a short film! It holds a message from our ancestors - a challenge to humankind about the direction we're heading in.

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Image for Yellow

Robyn Grace

Yellow is about summer and heat, cowardice and bravery, it is a snapshot of a time gone by, when life was simpler, but bullying was just as complicated.

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Image for FLIP

Tom Boniface-Webb

Please support the post-production of the feminist sci-fi/ action adventure short film, FLIP.

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Image for Operation RAMBU

SPV Films

He was Indonesia's answer to Sylvester Stallone, but can New Zealander Peter O'Brian return to the big screen after being missing-in-action for over 20 years?

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