Troy Vandergoes

My name is Troy Vandergoes, I am 23 and live in Auckland City.
I am currently training in my 3rd of acting at Aucklands Unitec.
My goal is to create my own work of various diffent styles and coving many topics I feel passionate about.
My main influences are Buster Keaton, Edgar Wright, Gary Oldman and Alejandro González Iñárritu.
I have been mainly been creating/performing theatre work over the past 5 years, but am now turning my eye to film and unpacking the wounderfull world of screen arts. 
I am currently working on two major projects, 7Sins and The Beard. 7Sins is a project ive been putting together involving 7 directors creating 7 shortfilms and The Beard is an Animated show about a superhero called The Beard. 

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