Andy Turner

Andrew Turner is a Scottish artist raised in Dubai, who moved to New Zealand in the late eighties. His brightly coloured abstract shapes are a style Turner has been working on for some time, citing Wellington artist Robert McCleod as a mentor who taught him a lot and influenced him even more.

Turner says that it is the prospect of what you can do with perspective that drives him to create. "It's the idea of perspective and the way that you can use perspective to create depth and colour. It's that manipulation of perspective that is very similar to graffiti art, which is why I like working with graffiti artists."

From his first exhibition at Cafe DKD in 1989 to the present, there are a handful of recurring themes in Turner's work. Among them are landscapes and buildings. It is the latter, and particularly sky-scrapers, that he is most excited about, expressing that he would love to have some of his paintings made into real buildings someday.

Turner has painted live at dance parties before, with perhaps his best known installment-piece being a large abstract mural on the walls of the Wyndham Bowling Club.Turner has painted and exhibited in Auckland for many years, choosing cafes and nightclubs over galleries. That is why he has chosen the community gallery 'Te Karanga'. He sees a need for galleries outside the dealership and would love to see more and more public art-galleries used as exhibition spaces.

When writing the proposal for a graffiti art exhibition at 'Artspace' in 1996, Turner wrote "Graffiti is a statement of youth, the public saying, "we live here too, we are alive, and this is who we are." That was in 1996, when graffiti was fighting for survival.

"I'm an artist, working for myself, effectively taking away the need for a dealer and a manager. I need the support of media to get my art out to the world."

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