Ben Crowder

Ben Crowder has helped fund

Image for The Sea Story

Red Leap Theatre

Play your role in the next workshopping phases of the development of Red Leap Theatre's exciting new work.

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Image for Help Us Change!

Barbarian Productions

Our much-loved Grim Reaper characters are returning in a new work entitled Help Us Change! They'll take to the streets as part of the Performance Arcade 2014.

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Image for The Height of the Eiffel Tower

Shane Bosher

Edinburgh has a history of launching celebrated Kiwi talent onto the world stage. Madeleine Sami in No. 2, Tim Balme in JIMMY COSTELLO, Jacob Rajan in KRISHNAN'S DAIRY: they’ve all stood out from the crowd. This August, with your backing, you’ll be able to add the inimitable Morgana O’Reilly to that list.

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Image for The Generation Of Z Edinburgh

Oliver Rosser

OUTBREAK WARNING at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival! The Generation of Z is set to unleash it’s immersive virus at the world's largest arts festival and to achieve this theatrical pandemic... We need your help!

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Image for Grand Opening

Barbarian Productions

Barbarian Productions are taking on the Opera House for the CubaDupa festival. We're going to fill the building with life, colour, music, celebration and community expression. We're opening the doors wide, so come on in and join us.

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Image for BALLS - A Navi Collaborative Production

Navi Collaborative

Originally a 10 min sketch, 'Balls' is now developed into a 90 min theatre that takes an in-depth look at the religious status of the game of Rugby in NZ

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Image for Manifesto 2083

The Rebel Alliance

Manifesto 2083 is a solo play about right wing extremist Anders Breivik who on July 22, 2011 killed 69 people on the island of Utøya in Norway.

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Image for Goblin Market

The Dust Palace

Back The Dust Palace so that we can introduce our exhilarating new take on circus-theatre to the world. First stop: Montreal.

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Image for Kororareka The Ballad of Maggie Flynn

Red Leap Theatre

Invest in Maggie Flynn's story, unique to us as New Zealanders. We will unravel the legacy of the women in our past and stir the ones too wild to be captured.

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Image for Judge Jury and Cookie Monster

Burrowed Time

A 'pay it forward' initiative, enabling Burrowed Time to offer FREE tickets to performing arts students for an interactive biscuit-based comedy trial!

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Image for Te Kuititanga

Everybody Cool Lives Here

Pelenakeke Brown, Rodney Bell, Katrina George and Owen McCarthy are working together to create a new multi-disciplinary performance to present in New York.

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Image for Fleshies

Alice Kirker

Fleshies is a celebration of all bodies. A call to action. A casting aside of the boxes in which we have been put based purely on the way we look.

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Image for Delicious Oblivion

Shane Bosher

Boost Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Shane Bosher & Robin Kelly and help make DELICIOUS OBLIVION. This wild rejig of the Berlin cabaret songbook premieres in June.

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Image for Manaakitia

Friends of Nancy Brunning

Let’s honour Nancy Brunning for her lifelong achievements on stage, screen and backstage and give her more time to share her gifts with us. Arohaina Mai.

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Image for Owls Do Cry

Red Leap Theatre

Considered the first great New Zealand novel by renowned author Janet Frame, Owls Do Cry is being retold for the stage for the first time by Red Leap Theatre.

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