Boosted Angel

Our Boosted Angel is a private donor who sees Boosted as a "way of being involved in the arts community by having the extended family's input throughout the year. We celebrate birthdays, good fortune, and any other personal noteworthy events by logging on and choosing a project to support."

Boosted Angel has helped fund

Image for The Big Bang Drum Up Support Appeal

New Zealand Festival

The 2014 New Zealand Festival will open on Friday 21 February with an explosive event in Civic Square for the whole of Wellington to enjoy.

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Image for rotunda to holland

The New Zealand Dance Company

We Are Horizon Hunters and have been invited to perform Rotunda at the Holland Dance Festival, February 2014. Help us achieve our first international tour.

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Image for Go Globel With Luke

Luke Baker

This July, I'll be one of 24 students travelling to London as part of the SGCNZ Young Shakespeare Company 2014 to represent New Zealand and study at Shakespeare's world famous Globe Theatre! For three weeks in the U.K. I'll have the opportunity to work with leading tutors and directors, see some of England's best theatre practitioners and perform on the stage of none other than Shakespeare's Globe theatre! To get there, I need to raise about $8,500 - your support, combined with my non-stop fundraising, will be vital in getting me on that plane!

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Image for Apple Pie

Sam Hamilton

Apple Pie is a major art film project being produced in 10-parts relating to 10 of the most significant celestial bodies of our Solar System.

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Image for Back of the Bus goes to Edinburgh

Java Dance Theatre

Java Dance goes to the Edinburgh Fringe in August this year with Back of the Bus. The wheels of this campaign are already rolling. Your support large or small will make a real difference.

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Image for Peace in 10000 Hands

Stu Robertson

Over the next 3 years I'm going to photograph a single white rose, an ancient symbol of peace, in the hands of 10,000 people from every country on the planet.

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Face TV

Face TV, working with two of this country’s most well-known book people, wants to respond to audience demand and produce & screen a weekly TV show.

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Image for On the Upside Down of the World

Auckland Theatre Company

The uber-talented Laurel Devenie has been invited to perform ON THE UPSIDE DOWN OF THE WORLD - on the other side of the world. At the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to be exact. But we need some help to get her there.

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Image for Orchestral Artistry

Dorothy Raphael

Make Women Count! Help towards the cost of tuition fees so Dorothy can study for a 2-year Artist Masters’ in Orchestral Percussion and Chamber Music @ the Guildhall School of Music & Drama.

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Image for New Performance New York

The Playground NZ

We're organising a new festival of New Zealand theatre and performance in one of New York City's most exciting venues. We need support for the cost of promoting this festival in New York, and to get our set and props freighted around the world.

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Image for Native In Nuhaka

Hiona Henare

NATIVE IN NUHAKA is a forthcoming documentary profiling Maori and indigenous film making and the place of the Wairoa Maori Film Festival.

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Image for Martinborough Community Choir

Victoria JONES

The choir is gradually becoming an important part of Martinborough’s cultural life, and we’re hoping it will continue to grow and improve for many years to come, as we all know that community singing is good for the soul!

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Image for The After Party


After the high of giving close to half-a-million to artists at the Arts Foundation Arts Awards, we'll be celebrating with the Boosted After Party!

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Image for The Underarm - New Zealand Tour

Christopher Brougham

This is the riveting story of 2 brothers, separated in 1981, and brought up on either side of the Tasman. 30 years later they meet again to debate their troubled past and confront their future.

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Image for Marionettes at Circa

Steffen Kreft

A moving and magical play about the end of creativity told by marionettes who know they are limited by strings but crave what lies beyond their reach.

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Image for Sculpture at Scenic World 2015

Its more about what I feel then see. The burden of history and memory combine to make my work distinctive and enhance my vision. A image becomes mysterious and fleeting in my imagination, drawing me to create a metaphor with complexity and contradictions of real and imagined places

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Image for Alvar Aalto Symposium: Finland 2015

Matt Grant

I've been selected by the Alvar Aalto Academy to present at this year's International Symposium in Rovaniemi, Finland in February. My presentation shows that Hamilton architectural practice Smith Clarke Grant and Associates 1965-1969 were heavily influenced by Aalto's work. I've prepared a report which has been selected for publication by the Academy, and I have the opportunity to speak at the Symposium as well. This opportunity is great for my research of Hamilton architecture, but also to showcase modern New Zealand architecture to an international audience of researchers. Two of the original partners of the firm I've written about are still practicing architecture today (both are in their mid-eighties). They're delighted to see their work published internationally! I'm working really hard to get to Finland, I just need a boost, please help! The airfare and accommodation costs are significant, but with your help I can make it!

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Image for Tracks - Tidelines Project

Veronica Herber

Tracks temporarily picks out a small sample of the many multitudes of footsteps that have fallen along the historic wharf over time.

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Image for Take the Stage

Isaac Theatre Royal

Without your support the Isaac Theatre Royal will miss out on $150,000 of critical matched funding pledged by the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust.

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Image for FIXED for good

Dieneke Jansen & Jenny Gillam

For this work we would like to produce a photographic series depicting plants that are native to the Waitematā coastline. This is a Tidelines series project.

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Image for The Best Possible Album Party That Anybody Has Ever Been To

Frith Horan

Hola a todos! Come to the party. Be the first to experience the debut album KRYSTOPIA - a plethora of sound feat. some soul sistas of Latin pop. What if J-Lo performed at St Lukes Mall? If Ariana Grande was up in Imax Queen St? Well, imagine that but in the VIP room at the Basement, all night long... Except it's only one hour. Bailar. Sing. Acto. Let's do this Auckland.

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Image for One Extraordinary Artist

The Arts Foundation

Join the fun. Help us fund one $25,000 New Generation Award and come on the journey with us as we change the life of one extraordinary artist.

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Image for London 2015

Royal New Zealand Ballet

The Royal New Zealand Ballet is currently staging two brand new WWI-themed works by two talented Kiwi choreographers. Next we’re taking them to London in one of our biggest ever international tours. If you’ve seen the RNZB’s current Salute season and fallen in love with these two new works, if you want to be a part of something that inspires you, and if you want to share uniquely New Zealand stories on the international stage: we need you. We’re on a mission to bring the best of New Zealand to the world. Come with us.

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Image for The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Juliet Shelley

Juliet Shelley is a choreographer, teacher and performer living in Wellington. She has been given a fantastic opportunity to travel to Europe and the USA to teach workshops and perform her work there. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and with your support she will get there!

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Image for National Schools Poetry Award

International Institute of Modern Letters

This campaign is about reviving the National Schools Poetry Award, the only national poetry competition for high school students in Aotearoa.

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Image for Hitch a Ride with Visible Women at 60 plus

Jenny O'Connor

Hitch a ride with Jenny and this bunch of gorgeous women in their 60s to complete this collection of portraits as our legacy for the future. $6000 will cover the cost of 60 days travelling to communities from Stewart Is to Cape Reinga.

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Image for Takiri Ensemble - New Zealand Debut Tour 2015

Takiri Ensemble

Tākiri Ensemble features renowned opera singers Anna Leese, Bianca Andrew, Andrew Glover, Robert Tucker and pianist, Kirsten Simpson. Their exciting debut tour commences in August.

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Image for Triumphs and Other Alternatives in Sydney

Muscle Mouth

Muscle Mouth has been invited to present our latest dance theatre show Triumphs and Other Alternatives in Sydney. This is a triumph for us! We're running this campaign for the final part of our travel and accommodation costs, after raising the rest ourselves. This is an exciting time for us - Muscle Mouth is beginning to take flight!

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Image for Pot Luck - webseries

Robin Murphy Productions Limited

'Pot Luck' is a fresh, fun, and sexy narrative web-series that explores the lives of three Wellington lesbians when they make a pact which turns their weekly Pot Luck dinners into a search for love. Or not.

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Image for Old Macs Farm Web Series Pilot

Illumination Workshop

We are creating an amazingly special children's program that teaches essential skills , via fun filled entertainment,that support harmony and balance in life.

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Image for MOVE

Kinetic Wayfinding

MOVE is an urban Pasifika play in support of suicide prevention and awareness.

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Image for STRAY

Long Road Films

The highly anticipated debut feature film from award-winning filmmaker Dustin Feneley, shooting in Central Otago this winter.

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Image for BITS

In Bits our troupe takes the stage to deliver an informative sex education seminar. A physical comedy exposing the absurd myths surrounding sex and gender.

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Image for Boost for New Zealand Jazz

Louisa Williamson

2 months until I'm in Weikersheim, Germany, starting a week of rehearsal with the Jeunesses Musicales Jazz World Orchestra, then onto a tour bus through Europe

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Image for Aspiring male ballet dancer

Shae Berney

I am 16 and have successfully auditioned for the English National Ballet School’s 3-year full-time training programme in London. This is my dream come true!

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Image for HOOK-UP BOYS

Bruce Brown

HOOK-UP BOYS premieres this September as part of the Basement Theatre Spring Season. Hook us up so we can explore modern gay hook-up experiences on stage.

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Image for Creative Spaces Capsule Project

Studio2/The Margaret Freeman Gallery

The Creative Spaces Capsule Project aims to collect and connect, bringing artists, art spaces and art lovers closer both locally and nationally.

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Image for My big step to Blenheim

Gemma Baldock

I am following my childhood dream to work as an artist. I have been invited to have my first solo art exhibition in Blenheim, Marlborough in November this year.

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Image for Welcome to the Murder House

Indian Ink Theatre Company

Jacob Rajan and Justin Lewis’ newest play has been commissioned by one of America’s most influential producers of new writing: South Coast Repertory Theatre.

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Image for Not like You Said it Would Be

Lisa Scott

Not Like You Said It Would Be is a work of fiction set in Port Chalmers and Purakaunui. It's about losing yourself at the end of love.

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Image for Share the Sculpture Park

Dorothy Wakeling

Visiting the Sculpture Park at Waitakaruru Arboretum is a breath-taking sensory experience. We want it shared with more people as a free-entry public space.

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Image for Ceramicus 2018

Wellington Potters Association

Exceptional display of ceramic creativity - the 60th Ceramicus exhibition!

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