Cuba Creative


Cuba Creative is a performing arts and creative production house. We specialise in bringing arts-based projects and events to life in partnership with leading and emerging creators. We are both a generator and presenter of ideas.

Mark Westerby - Creative Producer

Trina Edwards - Assistant Producer


Cuba Creative has helped fund

Image for 20 years of DANZ Quarterly

Dance Aotearoa New Zealand

A special one-off edition of DANZ Quarterly to celebrate 20 years of DANZ and dance in Aotearoa New Zealand

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Image for The Sea Story

Red Leap Theatre

Play your role in the next workshopping phases of the development of Red Leap Theatre's exciting new work.

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Image for Support Q Theatre

Q Theatre

Q Theatre’s activities generate close to two thirds of the revenue needed to run this unique and flexible arts hub, but the remainder comes from supporters.

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Image for Modern Maori Quartet

Modern Māori Quartet (MMQ)

Take 4 good looking, hip swaying, suave Māori guys crooning a mix of modern day & classic songs in Te Reo and English and you get: The Modern Māori Quartet.

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Image for The Big Bang Drum Up Support Appeal

New Zealand Festival

The 2014 New Zealand Festival will open on Friday 21 February with an explosive event in Civic Square for the whole of Wellington to enjoy.

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Image for Wake Up Tomorrow

Everybody Cool Lives Here

Wake up Tomorrow, promises to be a surreal, compelling adventure that encourages audiences to embrace the potential of imagination and to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

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Image for Back of the Bus goes to Edinburgh

Java Dance Theatre

Java Dance goes to the Edinburgh Fringe in August this year with Back of the Bus. The wheels of this campaign are already rolling. Your support large or small will make a real difference.

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Image for Dog

Wolfgang Creative

The eponymous Dog of our endearing comedy is an essential part of the play and we'd love some help bringing him to life, er, to death.

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Image for New Performance New York

The Playground NZ

We're organising a new festival of New Zealand theatre and performance in one of New York City's most exciting venues. We need support for the cost of promoting this festival in New York, and to get our set and props freighted around the world.

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Image for Help us Move on up

Dance and Performance

Help us ‘Move on Up’ so we can continue all the great work we do for the dance and performance community. We only need 500 people donating $20!

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