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Waiheke Community Art Gallery

Plonk 9 Kiwi and Aussie artists on Waiheke for two weeks and let’s see what happens. You too can be part of the Gallery’s 2014 Artist in Residence Programme.

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Shane Bosher

Edinburgh has a history of launching celebrated Kiwi talent onto the world stage. Madeleine Sami in No. 2, Tim Balme in JIMMY COSTELLO, Jacob Rajan in KRISHNAN'S DAIRY: they’ve all stood out from the crowd. This August, with your backing, you’ll be able to add the inimitable Morgana O’Reilly to that list.

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Indian Ink Theatre Company

Jacob Rajan and Justin Lewis’ newest play has been commissioned by one of America’s most influential producers of new writing: South Coast Repertory Theatre.

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