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Image for Modern Maori Quartet

Modern Māori Quartet (MMQ)

Take 4 good looking, hip swaying, suave Māori guys crooning a mix of modern day & classic songs in Te Reo and English and you get: The Modern Māori Quartet.

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Image for The Generation Of Z Edinburgh

Oliver Rosser

OUTBREAK WARNING at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival! The Generation of Z is set to unleash it’s immersive virus at the world's largest arts festival and to achieve this theatrical pandemic... We need your help!

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Image for The Best Possible Album Party That Anybody Has Ever Been To

Frith Horan

Hola a todos! Come to the party. Be the first to experience the debut album KRYSTOPIA - a plethora of sound feat. some soul sistas of Latin pop. What if J-Lo performed at St Lukes Mall? If Ariana Grande was up in Imax Queen St? Well, imagine that but in the VIP room at the Basement, all night long... Except it's only one hour. Bailar. Sing. Acto. Let's do this Auckland.

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Image for Slutty Ladies

Sarah McDougall & Cheryl Amos

Slutty Ladies are set to free the slut in all of us at their garden party with a who what how and why of slutdom. Laugh and swear because there's nothing like a good fuck in the right place.

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Image for Dark Matter

Marty Roberts

Seven visual haiku in a dark void. Dark Matter pushes you beyond the threshold of engagement into the deep space of imagination.

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Image for LAVVIES

Ruth Carraway

Come on board - would love your support in helping get my first ever proper play LAVVIE'S out to the world starting with the Dunedin Fringe Festival. Cheers :)

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Image for Fission

Marty Roberts

Through space, energy and time, Lisa, Lisse, Ria and Lise's lives are entangled. A physical theatre performance with physics!

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