Paul McLachlan

I am an artist from the south of New Zealand and at the moment I am adrift in Europe, soaking and gleaning from history, and developing a few projects.

I create using process-driven methods and I usually combine digital and analogue processes such as lithography or intaglio printmaking. I have a particular interest in the collective ideals and values preserved within public artworks and memorials, and how mythologies relate to societal practices.

If you pass through Florence this month you might see me sketching outside in a piazza, or behind my laptop in a café, working hard of course - it’s not all vino and caffè!

Paul McLachlan has helped fund

Image for Not like You Said it Would Be

Lisa Scott

Not Like You Said It Would Be is a work of fiction set in Port Chalmers and Purakaunui. It's about losing yourself at the end of love.

100% $5,035.00 OF
Image for Survival River Series

Brydee Rood

My project Survival River Series is selected for exhibition with the B_unB2017 Conference and The Eden Project in Plymouth UK. Please help me get there!

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Image for Elam Grad Show

G Taccetti

Raising funds for a large-scale photography project that will be exhibited as part of Elam grad show in December at George Fraser Gallery in Auckland.

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Image for An Art Centre for Southern NZ

Eastern Southland Gallery

The Eastern Southland Gallery is raising funds to complete the third stage of its regionally and nationally significant art centre development.

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