Melissa Nickerson

Melissa is passionate about exploring the world and telling stories through the use of various visual arts.  As a professional photographer for 10 years, she has been able to travel and explore many different people, cultures, and lands.  Her greatest passion is exploring unusual or hard to reach social groups and telling their story.  Her current project, Luckie Strike, a short documentary about friendship deep underground in New Zealands caving culture, allows her to explore both her physical limits and brings new challenges as a photographer and director. 

Melissa Nickerson has helped fund

Image for The Coffin Club

Briar March

When old age and over-priced funeral directors are knocking on the door, there’s only one thing to do. Give them both the finger!

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Image for STIFFS

Suzanne Bradley

Stiffs tells the Story of Eva who, takes a job in a Funeral Home to make ends meet and learns a valuable lesson about death, mourning and taking responsibility.

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Sandani and Rose

ENDING VIOLENCE is a feature documentary about Leslee Udwin, a multi award-winning activist, who strives to dismantle systemic prejudice through education.

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