Sarah Maxey

I’m a graphic artist and typographer based in Wellington. Recent highlights are a typographic installation in the central dome of the Sarjeant Gallery in Whanganui in 2013, and a book collaboration with the poet Andrew Johnston, Do You Read Me? (second edition published October 2014 from my publishing imprint Long Face Press).

Sarah Maxey has helped fund

Image for Loner

Wendell Cooke

Loner is a black comedy about a man who struggles to find a friend willing to support his application for a gun license.

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Image for The Paradise Project

Sue Cooke

Many NZ artists have responded to the subject of Antarctica. My response is a unique addition, addressing the monumental scale of the landscape.

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Image for Creative Spaces Mentor Programme

Arts Access Aotearoa

Art tutors and managers of community art studios open to disabled artists need professional development. These studios, known as creative spaces, make a huge difference in their communities, building the artistic and life skills of their artists. We will support creative spaces, their staff and artists through this Mentor Programme.

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Image for My Heart is an Anchor

elliot collins

This temporary painting as part of Tidelines aims to awaken a part of the Wynyard Quarter before it's rejuvenation as part of the ongoing developments.

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Image for Cultivate

John Vea

As a part of Tidelines I will do a performance that will result in the creation of a temporary installation in Wynyard Quarter.

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Image for Killer App

Wendell Cooke

Over hot drinks and a potluck afternoon tea, a group of senior Wellingtonians discuss the best ways to die.

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